AcolyTe O.C.C.:


     In our modern world, forces exist that attempt to stretch the minds capacity.  Forces that, with but a touch of their own sick and twisted mind, can bend reality itself.  There are those who know of such things, and there are those who fight the age old war that our kind may never know of the truths that lurk in the darker shadows of what many perceive to be reality.  Little do many know that our greatest weapon against the darkness isn’t a weapon itself, nor is it power – it is the human mind.

     Knowledge itself is the key to humankind’s survival and its destruction.  A fine line between enlightenment and insanity—and the average human likes to stay well within the bounds of this line, preferring not to know at all what lies just beyond the façade they call reality.  However, there are few individuals in the world that dare walk the fine line and even dance it–brave, bold and on the brink of enlightenment or insanity—they are know as the Acolytes.  Men and women who devote their very lives to learning all they can of the realm and reality of the supernatural and paranormal.  Strong-minded individuals that, with their secret knowledge, seek to either protect those in the dark or use their knowledge to pull themselves into positions of power within the forces that lurk in the shadows of reality.

     Acolytes specialize in knowledge of the supernatural and the paranormal.  Their motivations for learning such things are varied just as much as each person in this world is different.  It may be a true desire to protect and save mankind or may be to simply “know thy enemy” and, in some cases, it is simply to “know thy friend.”


Special O.C.C. Abilities & Bonuses:


1.       Arcane Lore: Specialists in anything that deals with the supernatural and/or paranormal, the Acolyte starts with all Lores without Sanity Points penalties!  Furthermore, they start with a bonus of +30% to all Lores.

   Understanding Principles of Magic is another skill known to Acolytes.  This includes, figuring out how certain spell magic works (i.e. Necromancy) and if an Acolyte needs to translate ancient text (treat this as “Literacy: Runes”).  Being a human database of knowledge in the arcane arts, the Acolyte is better equipped in understanding what a particular spell is and how it functions.  Unlike Sorcerers, however, Acolytes are not able to learn additional spells beyond their current level—that is an ability reserved exclusively for Sorcerers.  Base Skill: I.Q. × 2 + 5 % per level of experience.

2.       Ritual Master: Acolytes are technically practitioners of arcane arts. Although, they aren’t nearly as powerful as the Sorcerer.  Usually being self taught or being an apprentice of a Sorcerer, but becoming more concerned with knowledge than a wealth of power, Acolytes learn only the basics of Sorcery—Ritual Magic.

   Ritual Magic is first taught to Sorcerers as a safety net, when first learning Sorcery.  However, as time passes Ritual Magic to Sorcerers becomes a mere stepping-stone—akin to training wheels on a bike, when a kid first learns to ride a bike.

   As stated previously, Acolytes either started to learn magic, but did not complete their studies or studied the paranormal, supernatural and/or the occult so much they began to seriously understand, learn and manipulate mystical energy.

   In any case, Acolytes never learn incantations; it is usually a part of magic that is beyond their dedication.  However, many Acolytes learn to master the art of Ritual Magic.  They become very adept at rituals not only because they have been proven to work time and time again, but because the art of Ritual Magic is something that is easy to learn in general.

   Due to their mastery over Ritual Magic, Acolytes are able to cast any ritual, as long as they read the spell directly out of the text.  Normally, Acolytes can prepare and cast rituals in only half the time and are able to attain the necessary components for any ritual at half the price.  However, if casting a Ritual the Acolyte has not learned (such as preparing and casting a ritual directly out of an ancient text or casting the ritual second hand as another mage directs them), they can cast it, but it takes the normal amount of time to cast (not to mention the fact that the components for the ritual, if not provided already, will be at its normal cost).  Also, since Acolytes are such Masters of Ritual Magic, they enjoy an additional bonus of +1 to Spell Strength.  This leaves them with a Spell Strength of 17 at first level!

   The Acolyte starts off with two Rituals from level one spell magic and with each additional level of experience, they learn one more Ritual, with spell level availability limited to their current level of experience (i.e. a 5th level Acolyte that reaches 6th level may choose one spell from any level 1-6).

3.       Arcane Scholar: Due to the amount of time Acolytes devote to the pursuit of their Lore, they lose one skill program from the total amount of skill programs they get to select.  Or, if their background is that they strictly pursue their Lore only in their off time, players can instead choose to subtract four of their Secondary skills.  Players can also trade Secondary skills for Rituals—one for one, selecting up to their current level.

4.       P.P.E.: Unlike the Sorcerer, who is literally a battery of P.P.E. an Acolyte’s body and mind aren’t nearly as devoted to the point where they retain additional reserves P.P.E.  They do, however, have slightly more P.P.E. than usual—4D6 + 10 + P.E. attribute at level one and gaining an additional 1D4+2 P.P.E. per level of experience.

5.       Other Bonuses: +1 to save vs. Magic.  +5 to save vs. Horror Factor.  +1 save vs. Psychic Attacks.  +1 additional to save vs. Magic at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12.  +1 additional to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13. +1 to Spell Strength at levels 5, 10 and 15.


Acolyte O.C.C.

Also Known As: Ritualists, Dabblers and Satanists.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:  None.

O.C.C. Programs:  The character may roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D6+5.  Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.

Important Note: Remember to subtract either one whole skill program or 4 Secondary skills.