Antinatural O.C.C.:


     The paranormal and the supernatural do exist.  These things are real and they have a new adversary.  The antithesis of the supernatural is the Antinatural.  At some point in time, a breed of humans began to become resistant to magic, the paranormal and supernatural and from psychic phenomena.  Some time in recent history, a being recorded of having no actual power, but seemed to be immune to all paranormal, supernatural, psychic phenomena and magic had been found.  This individual didn’t even know of his own power, due to the nature of it.  Immune to anything paranormal, this being makes the perfect weapon to combat the supernatural.  The Antinatural.


Special O.C.C. Abilities & Bonuses:


1.       Paranormal Immunity: Immunity to all phenomena supernatural, paranormal, magic or psychic in nature; included is being immune to even sensing the character—even sensing them as a human!  This means wards don’t get set off when an Antinatural steps through them, Presence Sense does not pick up the character when they get in range and the supernatural cannot track these characters!  This also means that magic fire balls don’t hurt the character, Psi-Swords will pass harmlessly through them and See Aura will reveal nothing!  Furthermore, they do not have a doppelganger in the Nightlands and always die and stay dead—they cannot be affected by Animate Dead or be turned into a vampire or mummy.  However, things like Telekinetically throwing a rock at the Antinatural or attacking with supernatural strength will hurt the character.

2.       P.P.E. Void: Unusually, Antinaturals are completely void of psychic energy—not that anyone has ever been able to confirm this though.  This is partially what makes Antinaturals “invisible” to being sensed.  For some reason, this power also is responsible for shutting down sections of ley lines.  When at a ley line Antinaturals negate a 20 foot radius of the ley line’s available P.P.E.  At a Ley Line Nexus Point, it is a radius of 10 feet and at Super Nexus Points, it is 5 feet.  This prevents a character from siphoning P.P.E. from the ley line and negates the Ley Lines ability to boost a psychic, mage or supernatural creature’s power as long as they are in the radius.

3.       Anti-Existence: Unusual and unique to Antinaturals is that unusual ability to exist physically, but not on the Astral Planes.  These characters, though it is thought they have a soul and spirit just like any other human, do not exist in the on the Astral Planes.  This would confirm that fact that Antinaturals, truly are nonexistent to the paranormal.

4.       Other Bonuses: +4 to save vs. Horror Factor and +1 to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15.


Antinatural O.C.C.

Also Known As: Parasapiens and Chosen Ones.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:  None.

O.C.C. Programs:  The character may roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D6+4.  Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.