Clan Mogwari



The beast within, the primal urge and a divine right all Gaia’s children are entitled to, have been desecrated. A new beast prowls the domains of man, a predator, a desecrated animal once the servant and protector of the earth and of man. A breed of WereWolf defiled by Vampire. A creature with no limit to the rage, the anger, the hate, the beast… the feral within. A WereWolf once took up battle with a vampire and lost the battle. However, the war was won. From the after-math of this war came a new breed of vampire. A breed able to walk among the beasts half man, half animal—the only true and real Lycanthrope-Vampire. Mogwari was born.

From the aftermath, also bred an Immortal War, between the once indifferent races. A mere child clan in the eyes of all other clans, the Mogwari Clan has only recently been recognized as a Vampire Clan. The Council still has yet to trust them and it is a feeling likewise towards the Council by Mogwari himself. Once a great Cherokee warrior, Mogwari now stalks this world, on the prowl for the very people and creatures he once swore to protect.

A new unlife in the shadows had caused Mogwari to survive through sheer numbers. Believing he would be seen much like a Wampyr, Mogwari thought it best to create an army like himself, as he hid in the shadows from the rest of the Dark Nation. To his surprise, he was meet with a friendly handshake into the Council (whom he thought were after him). As the Council perceives it, a new clan that knows the ways of WereBeasts could prove most valuable in their war against them. And because the WereBeast community perceived Mogwari, so long ago, nothing more than an unfortunate traitor, they called the hunt on him from the very moment they received word as to what happened. It was then an ironic twist that though Mogwari was still of sound mentality to discern his humanity from the feral within, that he now gives in to the beast he before hid so deeply. Clan Mogwari was born.

These days, the Mogwari Clan members are used as spies and warriors, specifically reserved to fight the Immortal War. With a rage, unparalleled even by the Von Endar Clan, Mogwari Clan are vampires to be feared. They fight without fear and give in to the feral beast within. To fight a Mogwari is to fight not only a WereWolf, but a Vampire as well.


Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:


·     Superhuman Strength: Mogwari do not get additional points to their P.S. attribute, but it is considered Supernatural.

·     Canine Morph: As long as it is from the canine animal family (this includes domestic and wild), Mogwari Clan members can morph into them at will. Except for the obvious things canines, can’t do that humans can (speak, have an opposable thumb, etc.), while morphed Mogwari still have all their other abilities.

In addition to keeping their normal vampiric abilities, Mogwari also gain abilities exactly like the spell Eyes of the Wolfignore Nightvision from the spell, as their natural vampiric Nightvision will be better.

·     Canine Control: Included with the ability to morph into any kind of canine, Mogwari also have the ability to control canines of all types at will. This is more an understanding, rather than an actual mind control ability. Think of this ability as the Mogwari being the primal beast of the animals—canines respond to them as if the Mogwari was the pack leader. This ability is so special and powerful that with but a look or growl (or similar), Mogwari can completely halt a fight between two canines, no matter how dangerous they may be. In addition, this ability slightly extends beyond simple gestures of communication and allows Mogwari to command canines with complex commands! However, this is still not mind control, if an animals natural instinct (also keeping in mind that these canines perceive the Mogwari as their primal master) is to not perform the said task, they will not do it. They can be beaten or forced to do it, but most Mogwari have a certain respect for canines of all types and feel as though they and their canine allies are kindred.

o    Lowered Willpower: Due to the fact that Mogwari are a hybrid supernatural creature, both with a dangerous instinct to contain, Mogwari have a lowered M.E. attribute (compared to Vampires anyway). Since both Vampires and WereBeasts have the urges of a predator the Mogwari must keep in check both sides to their nature. Instead of a +10 to M.E. like most vampires receive, the Mogwari only get +5 to their M.E.

Also, as a result of their lowered will power, psychic ability in the Mogwari are almost non-existent. They do not start with any psychic power and may only select one physical psi ability upon reaching level 5.

o    Feral: The biggest problem with being a Mogwari vampire is the combination of a vampiric predator instinct and the call of the beast within that comes with being a WereBeast. In some of the most extreme cases, Mogwari vampires undergo what they call a Feral state. Uncontrolled rage combined with a lethal predatory instinct drives these predators to hunt, kill, feast on flesh and to drink the blood of their victims. Most Mogwari come to from a Feral state, with a victims mangled, eaten body laying in view of their shocked eyes. A Feral save is necessary when rolling a Bloodlust save, after losing all S.D.C. and if their heart takes damage. The Feral save number is equal to their current M.E.—this is due to the fact that the Feral state is a natural occurrence for, not only WereBeasts, but for Vampires as well. The higher willpower one has, the more they have resisted their natural urges. However, Mogwari can choose to ‘cut loose’ regularly to avoid making the Feral state. They must give in to their Feral state at least a number of times per week equal to their natural bonus to save from their M.E.

The Feral State lasts one minute per point of the Mogwari’s M.E. and they can turn feral in any morphed form. Bonuses for a Feral State are as follows: +20 to P.S., +5 to all combat rolls (except damage), +30 to Speed, they are immune to Possession, Horror Factor, any type of Mind Controls and their Regeneration ability is tripled! The down side is that their M.E., in this current state, is lowered by 10 points!

o    Familiars Rage: Being a Mogwari familiar is unfortunate (or fortunate—depending on how they see it), because they inherit a Mogwari’s Feral State. Everything for being a vampire familiar is unchanged. However, Mogwari familiars gain the following insanity: Frenzy: Intense Pain. All conditions, bonuses, abilities and aspects apply.






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WereBeasts & The Immortal War:

The Mogwari Incident”


For many centuries, Vampires and WereBeasts were able to live in relative peace with one another. Though because of a WereBeasts nature there were the occasional rivalry, and in a few extreme cases hatred for one another. However, no case in history has had such a grave impact on Vampire and on the WereBeast society as the Mogwari Incident.

When the white man started to colonize the Americas, they unwittingly brought with them the Vampires of Europe. In the early days, it became hard for vampires to adapt to a life of farming and agriculture. To keep a low profile, they decided it was best they feed on the natives, instead of their own people (so to speak). For the WereBeasts of the Americas and North Americas, this was not such an evil thing. They slowly began to get used to the horrible things the “white man” started doing to them. The secretive WereBeasts had the same thoughts and feelings about Vampires as the natives had about the European settlers. Minor skirmishes between Vampires and WereBeasts ensued as a result of the Vampires decision of prey. This went on for years, until one fateful, day that would change both the Vampire and WereBeast society for years to come.

November 4, 1791. America was barely forming into what many vampires call a “fetal” stage. The American Revolution had just been fought and early Colonial days were just around the corner. A local Cherokee tribe inhabited the wilderness to a nearby a Georgian city. The Cherokee’s, tired of the “white man taking and desecrating our land,” decided to retaliate. A nice winter day, the Cherokee warriors assembled and planned an attack on the city at the first sign of nightfall. Amongst this band was a WereWolf by the name of Mogwari. Nightfall had come and the assault ensued. Many townspeople died fighting off the Cherokee, but a single incident, not far from the chaos, was the sole reason for an immortal war that would soon come between Vampires and WereBeasts.

While the local law enforcement subdued most of the band of Cherokee warriors, the rest retreating out of defeat a single warrior was left behind. Mogwari, knowing it would be very easy to just take true form and slaughter as many as he saw fit, decided to do just that. As he began taking form, a man called to him in the alley he was hiding in. As he turned to attack his first victim, the man was already in his face. Surprised by the fact this man was able to move at least 80 feet away in under a second, Mogwari paused. And it was in that single moment, it happened—Mogwari soon came to realize the reason, why the mysterious man was not afraid. Mogwari struggled for his life with no avail, for the vampire was too strong and powerful. It was that night that a WereWolf died. Or so he thought. It was mutual on both ends—the WereWolf thought he died and his attacker thought he had a new minion. They were both wrong.

When Mogwari awoke, his attacker was already there. He told Mogwari what he had become. Mogwari, now a vampire, told him what he used to be. Astonished by the fact that it was possible to turn a WereBeast, the man let his guard down. In a split second, the primal nature of the wolf in Mogwari and his newly developed vampire yearning for vengeance took effect. A vampire died that night and a new clan was born.

Since the Mogwari Incident, the WereBeast nation made all vampires enemy number one. Furious for turning a Cherokee Warrior Chief into a vampire and a Master Vampire at that, all WereBeasts agree that vampires are a vile demon to everyone.