The characters here can be played as an entire new setting unto itself—the Espionage World is a world of elite criminals, brigands, spies, assassins, soldiers, secret organizations, terrorists groups and much, much more.  A world of intrigue, dark secrets and deadly espionage, where players become larger-than-life superspies, expert soldiers, professional assassins and technical specialists poised to take on global scale threats.  Become part of a highly trained team of professionals outfitted with the latest cutting-edge gadgets and a worldwide information network, then shoot, seduce, or speed your way through the deadliest of missions set in out modern world.

     The following categories may also be a substitute for the Secret Operative character in Heroes Unlimited.  No modifications of any kind are necessary.

     Assassin characters are professional killers—and the word “professional” can’t be emphasized enough.  Assassins, in the context with the word professional means, those characters that are trained to kill without remorse or regret.  Some may have a bit of morale and limit themselves to only killing adults (in the most extreme of cases they limit themselves to only men).  These highly trained and dangerously skilled killers kill without a second thought, usually in a cold and direct manner.  Many professional assassins work for secret agencies, certain governments and/or militaries and as independent contractors, who hire themselves to whoever has a reasonable deal.

     These characters aren’t just your average hit men, who bust in a place and shoot it up (although some have the tendency to do so), these men and women have turned the “art of killing” into a science that involves intricate and specialized training.


Step One: The Usual


   Attributes: Determine as usual.  Bonuses to attributes will be minimal.


  +1 to I.Q.

  +2D4 to M.E.

  +1D6 to M.A. (both)

  +1D6 to P.P.


   Hit Points: Hit Points are normal.  They will get an amount equal to their P.E., plus 1D6 per level.

   S.D.C.: They will have a base of 40, plus any physical skill bonuses.


Step Two: Education and Skills


     Education and skills for Assassins is very specialized.  DO NOT ROLL FOR EDUCATION.  All the skills necessary to be an assassin will be listed below.


Common/General Skills

Automobile (+15%)

Pilot: One of Choice (+10%)

Basic Math (+20%)

Language/Literacy: Native (+25%)

Languages: Two of Choice (+10%)

1D6+7 Secondary Skills


Assassin Program

Hand to Hand: Assassin

Criminal Science/Forensics (+30%)

Biology (+10%)

Find Contraband (+20%)

Law (+15%)

Photography (+10%)

Research (+10%)

W.P. Auto Pistol or Revolver




     An assassin will usually specialize in certain areas.  It will usually mean the difference between a field type assassin and a subtle type assassin.  However, there are many different type of assassins.  Assassins will have two specialties, however all will have at least one (see options).


Hit Man Program

Ranged Combat: Infantry

Tailing (+20%)

Streetwise or Concealment (+20%)

Prowl (+30%)

Pick Locks (+20%)

W.P. Knife

W.P. Auto Pistol or Revolver

W.P. Sub-Machinegun


Infiltrator Assassin Program

Toxicology (+20%)

Disguise (+20%)

Impersonation (+20%)

Pick Pockets (+15%)

Palming (+20%)

Intelligence (+10%)

Forgery or Seduction (+15%)

Cook (+10%)

Dance (+10%)


Eraser Assassin Program

Surveillance Systems (+20%)

Intelligence (+25%)

Demolitions (+20%)

Climbing (+20%)

Disguise (+15%)

Concealment (+30%)

T.V/Video (+15%)

Basic Electronics (+20%)

Locksmith (+25%)


Sniper Assassin Program

Ranged Combat: Sniper

Sniper (+1 more)

Optic Systems (+20%)

Prowl (+25%)

Radio: Basic (+10%)

Climbing (+15%)

Camouflage (+15%)

W.P. Rifle (+1)

W.P. Auto Rifle (+1)


Step Three: Other Stuff


   Alignment: Selfish and Evil only.  Remember that it is by these characters own choice to kill.  Even a soldier can spare the life of an enemy.  These people can’t.

   Weapons and Armor: This will vary drastically, depending on the type of assassin the character is.  In any case, they will have a budget of 5D6×10,000 dollars for spending on anything they will need as an assassin.

   Other Options: Same as the Soldier.  They may give up one specialty for 2 million dollars worth in bionics/cybernetics, but they can only give up one specialty.

   More Options: The assassin can give up 6 secondary skills to select a martial art form.  Final selection will be subject to GM’s approval.

     The Infiltrator.  An infiltrator can be of many professions.  Common among them are spies, thieves, undercover agents and occasionally, assassins.  The very definition of infiltrator is a person who infiltrates a said location so they may perform a certain task.  The task and method of infiltrating will vary according to the profession of the infiltrator.

     The infiltrator life is sometimes very hard. Having to live without leaving a trace or live many different lives depending on the profession.  Infiltrators, on average, have a tendency to be very smart and quick thinkers, while still being able to keep their cool.  It is in their wits, cunning and intuition that they are able to do what they do—these are their most valuable skills.  Without these essentials, infiltrators usually are killed. 

     This profession is probably the most dangerous of all the others, considering these characters must "go behind enemy lines", remain undetected (whether under a different identity or physically prowling around) and still need to perform their task.  Players looking for a character to do a lot of role playing should choose an Infiltrator.


Step One: The Usual


   Attributes: Determine as usual.  However, the infiltrator is the most cunning and intelligent of all the previous characters.

  +1D4+1 to I.Q. (must be at least 15)

  +1D4+6 to M.A.+

   Hit Points: Determine as usual.

   S.D.C.: They will have a base S.D.C. of 30+4D6.  Any other S.D.C. will have to come from physical skills.


Step Two: Education and Skills


     The skills of an infiltrator will vary, but not by much.  Most will have very similar skills.  Also, this all the education is all the character has.  DO NOT ROLL FOR EDUCATION.  The following the specialized education that the infiltrator will get.


Common/General Skills

Automobile (+30%)

Pilot: One of Choice (+20%)

Basic Math (+30%)

Language/Literacy: Native 98%

Languages: Three of Choice (+25%)

Literacy: Two of Choice (+20%)

1D6+7 Secondary Skills


Infiltration Program

Surveillance Systems (+15%)

Basic Electronics (+15%)

Disguise (+30%)

Pick Locks (+20%)

Prowl (+15%)

Research (+20%)

Radio: Basic (+20%)

Anthropology (+20%)

Languages: Two of Choice (+20%)




     All infiltrators will have different professions, which will reflect the skills they will learn.  There profession will define the type of work they do for a living.  The following is a list of professions that an infiltrator can do.  Players get to make two selections from the following list.


Spy Program

Computer Operation (+25%)

Computer Programming (+5%)

Computer Hacking (+15%)

Detect Concealment (+25%)

Disguise (+15%)

Impersonation (+30%)

Forgery (+5%)

Pick Pockets (+20%)

Palming (+20%)

Seduction (+15%)

2 Domestic Skills of Choice (+15%)


Thief Program

Hand to Hand: Basic

Surveillance Systems (+10%)

Optic Systems (+15%)

T.V./Video (+20%)

Detect Concealment (+10%)

Locksmith (+30%)

Acrobatics (+20%)

Climbing (+25%)

Prowl (+20%)

Safecracking (+30%)

Computer Operation (+10%)

W.P. Auto Pistol, Revolver, or Knife


Surveillance Program

Surveillance Systems (+25%)

Laser/Fiber Optics (+15%)

Optic Systems (+25%)

Radio: Scramblers (+20%)

Radio: Satellite (+15%)

T.V./Video (+30%)

Forgery (+25%)

Pick Locks (+20%)

Camouflage (+30%)

Tailing (+20%)

Basic Electronics (+20%)


Secret Agent Program

Hand to Hand: Special Forces

Ranged Combat: Infantry

Intelligence (+25%)

Surveillance Systems (+10%)

Radio: Scramblers (+20%)

Detect Concealment (+25%)

Escape Artist (+25%)

Demolitions (+10%)

Demolitions Disposal (+15%)

Trap/Mine Detection (+25%)

Concealment (+30%)

W.P. Two of Choice

Pilot: Two of Choice (+25%)


Step Three: Other Stuff


   Alignment: Any.  Infiltrators can literally be of any kind of alignment.

   Weapons and Armor: The infiltrator will have a budget of up to $100,000, plus 4D6×10,000 dollars to spend on anything they will need in their life as an infiltrator.  They will also, get to select from among the gimmicks under the hardware, secret operative and stage magician sections.  And they will also start with a vehicle of choice (any kind).

   Other Options: Same as the Assassins’ other options.  And, like the assassin, they can only give up one occupation.

   More Options: Same as the Soldiers’ “more options.”  Final selection is subject to GM’s approval.



     This is your basic military type character.  Not just a person who joined the military and gained the military basic program.  No, these guys have most likely already seen combat.  They’re trained in modern weapons, combat skills of all kinds, tactics of war and are trained killers—not the cold blooded assassin type killers.  The Soldier character is a trained killer, as where assassins are professional killers—Soldiers will kill if the job requires it or if it comes down to “it’s me or him”, whereas the assassins enjoy the kill and the hunt.


Step One: The Usual


   Attributes: Attributes are normal.  However, being a soldier that has seen action and survived, they probably have lots of experience and are physically fit.  Usually, even after leaving the military, they keep fit and in shape, which can mean they will probably turn to mercenary work.


   +1D4 to M.E.

   +1D6 to M.A.-

   +1D4 to P.S.

   +1D4 to P.P.

   +2D6 to P.E.

   +1D6 to Spd.


   Hit Points: Normal and they will have a one-time bonus of 5D6 additional Hit Points.

   S.D.C.: They will start with 1D4x10+60.  This is in addition to other S.D.C. bonuses.


Step Two: Education and Skills


     Education for soldiers is very specialized.  They tend to be very skilled in the ways of combat and war.  DO NOT ROLL FOR EDUCATION.  The following are the only skill program and skills available to Soldiers.


Common/General Skills

Automobile or Motorcycle (+20%)

Pick one: Trucks or First Aid (+15%)

Basic Math (+25%)

Language/Literacy: Native (+30%)

One other language of choice (+10%)

1D6+7 Secondary Skills


Basic (Boot Camp) Training

Hand to Hand: Expert/Soldier

Ranged Combat: Infantry


Swimming (+15%)

Climbing (+20%)

Military Etiquette (+30%)

Radio: Basic (+15%)

Wilderness Survival (+20%)

Land Navigation (+20%)

W.P. Rifle/Shotgun (+1)

W.P. Auto Pistol (+1)

W.P. Auto Rifle (+1)

W.P. Knife (+1)

W.P. Bayonet (Spear; +1)


Military Occupation (MO)


     The following is a list of skill programs that a soldier can learn while in the military.  The soldiers’ occupation while in the military can vary widely.  However, to narrow down all of the possibilities, technical type and medical type MO’s have been eliminated.  Only the war, action and combat type MO’s are included in the following.  Player characters get to select three MO’s.


Infantry Program

Detect Ambush (+15%)

Parachuting or Weapon Systems (+20%)

Recognize Weapon Quality (+25%)

2 Physical Skills of Choice (+20%)

W.P. Modern: Three of Choice (+1)


Officer Program

Intelligence (+20%)

Tactics (+15%)

Detect Ambush (+20%)

Interrogation or Radio: Scramblers (+15%)

Optic Systems (+15%)

Tracking or NBC Warfare (+15%)


Demolitions Program

Detect Concealment (+10%)

Camouflage (+25%)

Demolitions (+20%)

Demolitions Disposal (+20%)

Underwater Demolitions or NBC Warfare (+10%)

Trap/Mine Detection (+20%)


Sniper Program

Ranged Combat: Sniper (upgrade)

Sniper (+1 more)

Optic Systems (+25%)

Prowl (+30%)

Camouflage (+15%)

Parachuting (+15%)

Climbing (+20%)


Military Pilot Program

Read Sensory Equipment (+25%)

Navigation (+20%)

Weapon Systems (+25%)

Parachuting (+10%)

Pick one: Jets/Jet Fighters or Submersibles or Tanks/APC’s or Warships/Patrol Boats or Hovercrafts or Trucks (+25%)


Mercenary Program

Find Contraband (+30%)

Criminal Science (+20%)

Law (+15%)

Languages: Two of Choice (+20%)

Intelligence or Tactics (+25%)

Research (+20%)


Special Forces (Counts as two selections)

Hand to Hand: Special Forces or Assassin (upgrade)

Ranged Combat: Special Forces (upgrade)

Optic Systems (+20%)

Detect Ambush (+20%)

Tactics (+25%)

Intelligence (+20%)

Armorer (+10%)

Demolitions (+15%)

Prowl (+25%)

SCUBA (+20%)

Computer Operation (+15%)

Tracking (+10%)

2 Physical of Choice (+15%)

W.P. Two of Choice or W.P. Paired Auto Pistols


Step Three: Other Stuff


   Alignment: Any.  However, Soldiers are generally people of honor and trained killers.  So, its best they be anything, except Principled.

   Weapons and Armor: If the character is still in the military they have access to different weapons and equipment.  But, if the soldier is retired from the military and is continuing as a mercenary then…

  A Survival Knife

  1D4+4 Guns of choice (must reflect W.P.’s)

  2 Sets of Body Armor (any kind)

     The weapons will come with 2 additional clips, 2 boxes of ammunition for each weapon and the weapons can include up to $10,000 worth in special features (scopes, laser sights, flash suppressors, etc.).

   Other Options: The Soldier can exchange MO programs for Bionics/Cybernetics.  Each MO program will give the Soldier a budget of two million dollars to spend on bionics/cybernetics (budget is cumulative).

   More Options: The Soldier can half skill bonuses and give up all initial secondary skills to select a martial art.  They will still get secondary skills as they grow in experience.

     Whether they work in the field or not, the Tech Specialists are those individuals that every team needs.  Electronic guys, computer hackers, demolition experts, mechanical engineers and similar occupations that have the potential and the option to be field agents are all Tech Specialists.  It is with the Tech Specialists that buildings are demolished, restricted areas are broken into, computer mainframes are hacked, encrypted and secure connections are executed and vehicles are sabotaged.

     If you are not one for combat, then it would be appealing to play a Tech Specialist.  Armed with an array of technical skills and (in most cases) a team of combat grunts to back them up, these characters get the “hard” (from their point of view) stuff done.  The ability to perform complex tasks of skill, instead of gun totting and all out battles is at the very essence of what the Tech Specialist is—it defines their occupation.

     Though capable of combat, these characters tend to stick to their given occupations and skills.  It is rare to see one of these characters armed as well as a soldier or even an infiltrator.  A typical Tech Specialist can be found sporting a Laptop or PDA (or other similar handheld computer), a tool kit (that suits their special skills), and other pouches or a backpack full of any of the material necessary to perform their skills (additional wires, floppy disks, key cards, detonation switches, etc.).


Step One: The Usual


   Attributes: Attributes are normal.  Tech Specialists usually aren’t as fit as a Soldier or other Athletic occupation.  Skills is the focus is here.  As a result, the Tech Specialist will tend to have a high I.Q.


   +4 to I.Q. (at least 15)

   +1D4 to M.E.

   +1D6 to Spd.


   Hit Points: Determine as usual.

   S.D.C.: They will start with a base of 30.  This is in addition to other S.D.C. bonuses.


Step Two: Education and Skills


     Education for Tech Specialists tends to be very scholastic.  While these characters will probably go through more formal education than the other characters will, they do miss out on focused combat training.  However, to compensate, they get a lot more special areas of expertise than other characters. DO NOT ROLL FOR EDUCATION.  The following are the only skill program and skills available to Tech Specialists.


Common/General Skills

Automobile or Motorcycle (+20%)

Basic Math 98%

Language/Literacy: Native (+30%)

One other language of choice (+30%; includes literacy)

1D4+7 Secondary Skills


General Engineer Program

Radio: Basic (+10%)

Basic Electronics (+30%)

Basic Mechanics (+30%)

Advanced Math (+15%)

General Repair/Maintenance (+20%)

Computer Operation (+30%)




     Scholastic pursuits are the Tech Specialists focus.  They are usually skilled in many different areas with an equivalent of at least a Bachelors Degree, if not a Masters or Doctorate.  Most of the time, the case is that they have the equivalent more than two degrees.  The following is Degrees the Tech Specialist can choose from.  DO NOT ROLL FOR EDUCATION.  Only the following is available—select four programs.


Electrical Program

Basic Electronics (+25%)

Electrical Engineer (+30%)

Hotwiring (+25%; electrical skill)

Laser/Fiber Optics (+20%)

Computer Repair (+15%)


Mechanical Program

Basic Mechanics (+25%)

Mechanical Engineer (+30%)

Automotive Mechanics (+25%)

Armorer (+20%)

Weapons Engineer (+20%)


Computer Hacking Program

Computer Operations (+30%)

Computer Programming (+25%)

Computer Hacking (+30%)

Cryptography (+20%)

Computer Repair (+10%)


Demolitions Program

Demolitions (+25%)

Demolitions Disposal (+30%)

Trap/Mine Detection (+20%)

Underwater Demolitions (+20%)

Camouflage (+20%)


Anti-Security Program

Safecracking (+25%)

Locksmith (+25%)

Hotwiring (+25%; electrical skill)

Surveillance Systems (+25%)

Cryptography (+15%)


Surveillance Program

Surveillance Systems (+30%)

T.V./Video (+25%)

Radio: Scramblers (+25%)

Optics Systems (+15%)

Photography (+20%)


Communications Program

Radio: Basic (+30%)

Radio: Scramblers (+25%)

Radio: Satellite (+25%)

Cryptography (+25%)

Computer Hacking (+15%)


Modern Combat Program

Hand to Hand: Basic

Ranged Combat: Rogue

W.P. Automatic Pistol

W.P. Knife or Blunt

Climb (+10%)


Step Three: Other Stuff


   Alignment: Any, however, these characters tend to be good or selfish.  Being scholastically trained and not seeing a lot of action (combat), like other characters makes Tech Specialists usually lean towards anything that isn’t evil.

   Weapons and Armor: Essentially, none.  These characters will get a special budget for equipment.  However, use some of the money from their equipment budget on some basic guns and armor, just remember that the money is for equipment.

   Equipment: Since equipment and materials will drastically vary depending on their expertise, their budget is somewhat at a broad level.  They will get a budget of 1D10×$20,000, plus an additional $300,000 to spend on any equipment, materials, tools or other things they will need in their occupation.  They will also have a small shop where the more time-consuming of things get done—this is worth 3D6×$10,000.

   Also, Tech Specialists may buy items/gadgets from any of the Hardware categories, except Weapons Expert.

   Other Options: Same as the Soldier.  They may give up one specialty for 2 million dollars worth in bionics/cybernetics, but they can only give up one specialty.  Also, Tech Specialists do not usually get weapons, most bionics/cybernetics are geared towards making skill performance easier.

   More Options: Tech Specialists may give up two secondary skills to get any one of the following special skills: Evaluate & Diagnose Electrical Systems (Electrical Genius), Recognize Vehicle Quality (Mechanical Genius), Analyze & Operate Devices (Analytical Genius), Electronic Counter Measures  “Jamming” (Analytical Genius), or Make & Modify Weapon Cartridges (Hunter/Vigilante).







     The experience table for all of the these characters is the same, since all are an alternative to the Secret Operative from Heroes Unlimited.  For ease of reference, these characters will get two additional secondary skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.


Experience Level Table


Level - Experience Points


1)       0,000 – 2,120

2)       2,121 – 4,240

3)       4,241 – 8,480

4)       8,481 – 16,960

5)       16,961 – 24,960

6)       24,961 – 34,960

7)       34,961 – 49,960

8)       49,961 – 69,960

9)       69,961 – 94,960

10)    94,961 – 129,960

11)    129,961 – 179,960

12)    179,961 – 229,960

13)    229,961 – 279,960

14)    279,961 – 329,960

15)    329,961 – 389,960