Human O.C.C.:


     Why play a human?  Because they are exceptionally skilled and have raw talent.  Those humans who have special talents that allow them to have an advantage, have an edge, while still being completely human.  The true power of humans is their unique ability to be experts at things, because of they can truly focus all efforts on skills, without having to worry about the development of extraordinary powers.

     Human characters are usually specialists in certain areas or naturals at certain things or both if the player decides to buy a few from each.


Special O.C.C. Abilities & Bonuses:


1.       Human Traits: Human traits give validation to the age-old adage “Everyone is good at something”.  These traits are exclusive to the Human O.C.C.  The amount of traits one will have will vary according to how much P.P.E. they have.  Some humans will have a single trait others will have several.  The player can select any amount of traits, provided they have enough P.P.E. to pay for the trait.  In the alternative, they may spend 15 P.P.E. and roll randomly for a few.  This option may be done any number of times as long as they have the P.P.E. to spend.  This may be done even when players go up in levels, just as long as they have the P.P.E. to pay for it.  The number in parenthesis is the P.P.E. Cost to buy the trait.


The Amount (Roll Percentile) — 15 P.P.E.


01-50 Three

51-79 Four

80-00 Five


The List (Roll Percentile)


01-03 Naturally Fast (5): The character is naturally fast, running.  The characters' speed will be 20+1D4 or if already 21 or higher, add 1D4 to it.

04-06 Lucky (6): Simply put, the character is lucky.  To put this in game context, the player has sort of an automatic fail-safe device for their character.  Generally, this can work in two different ways.  The GM can simply let the character slide on a couple of events the character is in or the GM can give the player an automatic roll on certain things.  GM’s don’t over do this trait though.  A final note to all GM’s: These situations that the player gets lucky in, they have to be situations where the character can’t win (or is very likely to lose), whether it is life threatening or not.

07-09 Gut Feeling/Intuition (6): This is similar to the trait Lucky in that the GM will generally control this ability.  Basically, the GM will tell the player he/she “has a bad feeling”.  This can apply to anything that puts the character in any danger or generally is just bad.  However, GM’s should be aware not to accidentally over use this ability and give players too many hints.  It should only be used a couple of times to only a few times per day.

10-12 Naturally Smart (8): Generally this character is just smart.  This won’t give the character any extra skills and it won’t raise any I.Q.’s.  It simply gives the character a bonus of +20% to all skills (Scholastic and Secondary skills alike).

13-15 Pain Resistant (7): Exactly what it implies.  The character is resistant to physical pain.  Add a bonus of 1D4+3 to save vs. Pain.  Plus, these characters are immune to any spells, powers or abilities that inflict only pain.

16-18 Photographic Memory (7): This is unique gift.  It allows the character to remember things in exact detail.  It is like the psychic power Total Recall.  Only this doesn’t cost any I.S.P. and can be usable for anything visual and audio.  The character cannot use this ability on any tactile memories or smell or taste related memories.  Things very common or important to the character will automatically be remembered photographically, but for things that are not important (like school work, some guys phone number, taking out the trash, etc.) will not be put into the automatic section.  Basically, the player will determine what is and isn’t important.

19-21 Insatiable Desire to Learn (12): Simply put—exactly what it says.  This character jus can’t get enough knowledge.  To know too much isn’t in this characters’ vocabulary.  There are two versions of this trait.  The First is that the character can make skill selections from any skill category, regardless of educational background or O.C.C. restrictions.  This will include secondary skills.  This means that secondary skills are not restricted.  However, characters will not receive any extra skills.  All they get is the privilege of selections from any skill category regardless.  However, they will receive a bonus of +5% to all skills.

     The Second is that the character will retain the same limits and restrictions of their O.C.C., but may make additional skill selections.  They get one additional program at level 1 and get one more program at levels 5, 10 and 15.

22-27 Natural Talent (15): The character is simply naturally good at a certain kind of things.  In essence, this translates into a certain skill category.  Every other level, starting at level one, the player may pick one skill they already possess from that category and give it a +20%.  If a physical skill then they may add another term to it (i.e. if its Climbing add an additional 1 to P.S. and 1D4 S.D.C., in addition to adding +20% to it).  If the player chooses Hand to Hand Combat or Ranged Combat then they must wait until level three.  After which they will have, if Hand to Hand is selected, +2 to all applicable bonuses, an automatic pull punch and may add 3 additional techniques (defense, attacks or miscellaneous).  If Ranged Combat was selected, add -1/-2 to I.D.P., add the next term to B.D.M. and add +1 to shoot and draw.

28-30 Naturally Perceptive (4): The character simply has an eye for details.  A ‘private eye’ gene in the character.  They will be amazingly aware with there 5 senses.  Add 1D4+3 to the characters perception rolls.

31-33 Perfect Vision (6): The character has perfect 20/20 vision.  They can see very clearly at great distances.  The character gets a bonus of +3 on perception and can see almost double the average human (usually about 1/5 a mile).  Also, add +1 to strike with Archery and any Firearms (with aimed shots only though.)

34-36 Steady Hands (7): This human will have naturally steady hands.  Add +10% to the following skills: Sewing, Robot Electronics, Computer Repair, Forgery, Pick Pockets, Medical Doctor, Demolitions, Demolitions Disposal, Palming, Underwater Demolitions, Safecracking, Chemistry: Analytical and Art.  And the character will also receive a bonus of +1 additional to strike with sniper +1 to strike with the W.P. Archery skill and +1 to strike with all Firearms.

37-39 Naturally Strong (6): With this trait characters will simply be naturally strong.  This doesn’t mean the character will get a bonus to damage, it simply means the character can lift, carry and pull more than usual.  Actually, they can lift, carry and pull double the normal.

40-43 Double Jointed (4): The character is amazingly limber and flexible.  The character can easily be a contortionist.  They will be able to do the splits, touch the middle of there back, etc.  Bonuses include a +5 to roll with punch/fall/impact and +15% to Escape Artist.  If the character doesn’t have Escape Artist, then they will have a base of 40% +1% per level of experience.  They would also be +5% to Acrobatics and/or Gymnastics and would be +4 to escape holds/locks.

44-46 Ambidextrous (9): Humans with this trait can use both sides of their bodies with equal ability.  They are able to do anything ‘right or left-handed’.  This will give a bonus of +1 attack per melee, +1 to parry and automatically has both W.P. Ancient Paired and W.P. Handguns Paired.  Also, add +5% to Play Musical Instrument, Concealment, Palming and Art.

47-49 Naturally Alert/Quick (4): Those with this trait will have excellent reaction timing and will be able to respond quickly to events and stimuli; Add 1D4+4 on initiative and +5% to the Detect Ambush, Palming and Pick Pockets skills.

50-52 Disease Resistant (4): This trait is self-explanatory—The bonus is +2D4 to save vs. any disease, viruses, bacteria, etc.  If the save fails, the illness is still only half as effective.

53-55 Horror Factor Resistant (‘Strong Stomach’)(5): Those with this trait tend to be cold, aloof and emotionless.  They will usually be gothic or grungish.  However, not all will be like that.  Some people just aren’t easily disgusted or aren’t easily impressed at all.  Bonus is 1D4+4 to save vs. any and all Horror Factors.

56-58 Naturally Artistic (4): Yup that’s right Einstein.  The guy with this trait will have natural artistic talent.  Add a bonus of +15% to the following skills: Dance, Art, Carpentry, Play Musical Instruments and Photography.  Also, those with this talent tend to be a bit more intelligent on average; add a +1 to I.Q.

59-61 Exceptional Endurance (6): The character with this trait will have a naturally high endurance.  These characters have naturally strong and resilient respiratory systems.  They will be able to run and fight for long periods.  Physical exertion is almost not in there vocabulary.  A character with this trait can run (at maximum speed) for one minute per P.E. point (as opposed to 1 second per P.E. point).  And can fight for double the normal amount of melees.

62-67 Excellent Memory (7): Things that are very important to the character he/she will remember very clearly.  Add 15% to 1D4 skills of choice (favorite skills) and add +10% to Land Navigation, Languages, Recognize Weapon Quality, Law, Literacy and Research.  Also, add +2 to perception.

68-70 Animal Empathy (6): When it comes to animals (any and all), the character is a natural.  Both the animal and this guy will have an innate understanding.  Domestic animals, most of the time, will automatically take a liking to the character.  Predatory and wild animals will also be attracted to the character.  However, a roll vs. Fear (M.E.) is necessary.  A failed roll means the animal sees the character as the primal beast (they usually just leave).  No harm, no foul.  Any skills involving animals have a huge +30% bonus.

71-73 Naturally Tough (8): The characters physical body will be unusually tough and resilient.  Add 1D4x10+40 S.D.C. and they get 2 more Hit Points per level.

74-76 Exceptionally Charismatic (7): What can I say…the guy (or gal) with this trait is just ‘the’ person to be around.  They will have a natural charisma that everyone seems to like—even If they aren’t physically attractive, they will still have that thing about them that everyone likes.  Raise the +M.A. to 20+1D4 or add 1D4 if already higher.

77-80 Naturally Attractive (5): The character seems to have this natural physical beauty.  There skin is usually perfect, there body is usually cut and slim or muscular medium and they never have any pimples, split ends, dirty finger nails, etc.  A character with this trait will raise their P.B. to 15+1D4 or if higher just add 1D4.  They will also be +20% to Seduction.

81-83 Exceptionally Intimidating (7): Characters with this trait will be unusually unnerving and intimidating.  They usually have that ‘dead eye stare’.  Add a bonus of +15% to -M.A. or if they don’t have a base, its 25%.

84-86 Indomitable Will (5): Those with this trait have a ‘will of iron’.  Add +6 vs. possessions, mind controls and add +2 vs. Horror Factor.  And in an emergency, the character can triple his/her endurance/threshold for anything.

87-90 Speed Thrill Junkie (4): The need for speed.  The faster, the better.  These characters are usually racers and fearless ones at that.  Add a +10% to all piloting skills and they will automatically have the Combat Driving skill.

91-94 Number Affinity (6): The character simply has an affinity for numbers and math.  They can remember numbers in all forms, with ease (hearing or seeing a number sequence, address, phone number, etc., once is enough).  The character has an I.Q. % chance to remember something, which doubles every time they see or hear it.  The character also calculates math they know like a calculator. Add +15% to math skills and +10% to Cryptography. 

95-98 Enhanced Jumping (5): This is pretty self-explanatory.  A character with this trait will jump very far.  The bonus will be double the normal leap distance.

99-00 Exceptional Agility (9): Agility for this human comes so naturally.  This character has great reaction timing, good flexibility and excellent reflexes.  This, in essence, translates into a high P.P.  Raise the characters P.P. to 15 +1D4 or if already higher add 1D4 to it.  Also, add +4 to all initiative rolls and one more attack per melee.  And just for an added bonus…add +1 to all combat rolls.


2.       Expertise: Another aspect that Humans have is that they can have over 100% on skills or can purchase additional bonuses to W.P.’s or Hand to Hand skills.  The player first has to spend 5 P.P.E. on the skill for it to go over 100% or so that they may purchase additional bonuses if a W.P.  If a Hand to Hand or Ranged Combat, the initial cost is 10 P.P.E.  Here are the guidelines when gaining extra bonuses to skills:


·       5% for a single costs 2 P.P.E.

·       +1 for any single applicable bonus for a W.P. costs 2 P.P.E.

·       Attacks per melee cost 10 P.P.E.

·       +1 to Strike, Parry, Dodge, Initiative, Grapple, Disarm, Roll with, Pull Punch and Damage cost 4 P.P.E.

·       Extra Attack Moves cost 6 P.P.E. each.

·       Advanced Defenses cost 10 P.P.E. each.

·       Critical Strike/KO enhancers cost 6 P.P.E. per +1 range.

·       Attack Modifiers cost 10 P.P.E. each.

·       10 P.P.E. per extra Burst Damage Multiple.

·       8 P.P.E. per extra –1 Imposed Defense Penalty.

·       15 P.P.E. per extra Ranged Combat ability.


3.       P.P.E.: Human characters start with a base P.P.E. of 3D6+10 + their P.E. attribute.  They gain an additional 1D4+1 P.P.E. per level of experience.

4.       Other Bonuses: +1 to save vs. Horror Factor.  +2 to save vs. Psychic Attacks.  +2 to save vs. Magic.  +1 to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.


Human O.C.C.

Also Known As: Experts, Specialists, Naturals and Genius.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:  None.

O.C.C. Programs:  The character may roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D6+6.  Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.