New Super Powers


     The following powers can be an alternative or a complete replacement to the some of the super powers in HU.  Or they can be a new option.  It will note at the end of the power what they replace or are an alternative to.



New Major Powers



Combat Clairvoyance (Precognition)


     One of the most interesting and useful abilities that anyone can have is Combat Clairvoyance.  This ability uses the same principles of the psychic ability of the same name.  But it has very different results.

     It is activated when the character goes in to a combat or a very dangerous situation.  The player will get, from the GM, one possible immediate future (next melee action).  This has to be the real possibility GM’s.  It has to be the thing that was really going to happen.  But, this possible future must be the direct reaction of something the player is thinking of doing.

     For example, Lil’ Joker is about to rob a Liquor Store and your character is in their buying cigarettes.  The guy starts to pull out a gun and right at that moment, your characters power kicks in.  The player can ask, “what would happen if I do this (enter specific action)” and the GM will let the player know the direct result of that specific action he asked.  Keep in mind that Combat Clairvoyance only covers the next single melee action (although the thought of the possible futures are instant, meaning that it happens in less than a split second).  So, in a way, it’s like Clairvoyance but doesn’t last as long and it’s not possible to get “visions”.  It is not true clairvoyance.

     In combat, this power allows for the player to know what everyone is going to do before they do it and if they know then the bonuses are applicable.  A very important reminder to all is that although this power allows a character to see possible futures, it only works when they already know something is going to happen.  This power, in no way, will alert the player of any kind of sneak attacks.  Unless, the futures direct result is a sneak attack, which the character will foretell.


Range: Self.

Duration: Instantaneous.  But the character will get a possible future for the next melee action.

Possible Futures: One at level one.  Add one more possibility at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.

Other Abilities and Bonuses:

+30% to Impersonation, Paramedic, Medical Doctor, Any Demolition skills, Trap/Mine Detection, Acrobatics, Climbing, Gymnastics, Tactics, Race Car, Helicopter and Jet skills.


Final Note: Because this power allows for the character to see possible futures it is entirely plausible to execute any actions faster than the person who doesn’t have this power (if they do have this power both powers cancel out and they both end up with no possibilities).  As a result of this, the character with this power will have special bonuses to the melee action that was foretold, depending on what they were going to do.

Automatic Dodge: If the player chooses to dodge, they will have automatic dodge.

+6 on initiative (regarding any additional initiative rolls and is applicable in the next attack)

+3 to any strike

+2 to any parry

+4 to any dodge

+4 to anything else if they don’t choose to do any of the previous


  Note: This power is an alternative to the “Immortality” on the random major super abilities table.


Explosive Charge


     An amazing ability that allows a character to charge matter (inorganic matter) with the essence of kinetic energy.  Objects that are charged can then explode, like a bomb or grenade.

     Objects charged can be charged to explode upon impact or to explode after a few seconds (like fragment grenades).  If set to explode on impact, after the character lets go, the first thing it touches will detonate it.  If set as a timed explosive, the max time is 2 seconds per level of experience and the superbeing is able to control how long it will take to explode.  Also, if set as a timed explosive then it will not explode until time elapses.  It doesn’t matter what happens to it.  You can shoot it, step on it, throw it, whatever.  It won’t explode.

     Charging objects in any way will increase the mass to twice as much as normal.  In game terms, it’s weight and it’s S.D.C. is doubled.

     Final Note: Once charged, an object cannot be uncharged, it is inevitable that it will explode and be destroyed.  However, objects can be discharged, which will reduce the object to ash.


Range: By touch.  And as long as the character physically has his/her bare skin to the object, it will not be explosive.

Blast Radius: One foot per one S.D.C. charged, maximum.  It can be controlled from one foot to max.

Damage: 3D6 damage in 10 S.D.C. can be charged in a single melee action.  Can charge 10 more S.D.C. and do 3D6 more damage in one melee action at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.  The damage can always be controlled from no damage to max.  If the character charges half their max, it won’t take up one melee action it’s instantaneous (can be used in that action).


Ash/Soot Effect: An ability this character is to charge objects so they become ash/soot.  This can be used in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, this effect is achieved when they charge an object to do no damage.  There are two things the character can do with the ash/soot.  One, upon explosion the object will explode with ash/soot, which works like a smoke grenade.  Two, the character can charge the object to create a supply of ash/soot, which can be used like Goblin Dust (50 S.D.C. makes one pound).


The Tenth Level Bonus


     At 10th level, the character has developed their power to the point where they no longer need to touch an object to charge it (they still can though).  They will be able to charge an object by sight and they now have the ability to uncharge objects!  If the character so desires they can prematurely detonate a timed explosive, just be looking at it.  This can happen so fast that the victim will have a penalty to avoid it (no bonuses).  By the same token, they can also discharge or uncharge an object just by looking at it.

     However, The Tenth Level Bonus has its limitations.  One, the object being charged, uncharged or discharged can only be done at a rate of 10 S.D.C. and 3D6 damage per melee action.  Two, the object can be no further than 10 feet per M.E. point and three, the object must be clearly visible.


  Note: This power replaces Sonic Power on the random major super abilities table.  Plus both Sonic Reflection & Absorption and Sonic Power are one power.




     One might think of this as “Healing Factor on steroids”.  It is just a pumped up, super fast ability to recover from injury.


1.       Regeneration: The character heals damage almost as fast as it is dealt.  Heals 4D6 S.D.C. and 1D4 Hit Points per melee!  And no matter what, the character doesn’t scar.

2.       Internal Injury: Things like broken bones and destroyed organs will also heal at rates unheard of.  Broken bones heal at a rate of 1 per 4 hours!  Destroyed organs are remade at a rate of 1 per hour!

3.       Super Immune System: The characters immune system is perfect.  They never get sick.  And they can’t be the victim of plague.  Toxins, Poisons, Drugs, Chemicals and Gases only have 1/100 of their normal effect (if they don’t save)!

4.       Massive Injury: Massive damage to the heart or brain is painful, but not lethal, as long as at least 90% is still in tact.  However, such injury is traumatic—combat bonuses and skill percents will be at ½ for the duration of the healing (healing is also half).  Plus if it’s the brain that was damaged they won’t remember any events that took place while they were healing.  The only way to truly kill the character is by decapitation, by completely destroying the brain or heart or atomizing him/her.

5.       Regrowth: The character can regrow any lost part of the body.  A finger, toe, ear, nose or part of that size regrows in 12 hours.  A hand or foot grows back in one day.  An arm, thigh, lower leg, etc. grows back in two days.  The stomach, most of the chest/back, the butt, etc. takes three days.


  Note: This power is an alternative to Energy Absorption on the random major super abilities table.



New Minor Powers



Danger Sense (Premonition)


     A unique ability that allows for the character to be warned of danger one melee action/attack before it happens; keep note that this danger doesn’t have to be life threatening.  It just has to be enough to hurt the individual physically.  The character doesn’t know where or how the danger is going to come about though, they just know some physical danger is eminent.  This danger sense can come in many forms.

     This also serves as an alert to those following, watching or trying to sneak up behind the character.  Loved ones will also be sensed if in danger.  No matter how far away they are; they won’t know exactly where the loved one is, what or where the danger is, they just know it’s going to happen.


Abilities and Bonuses when in danger:

Automatic Detect Ambush: No roll necessary.  They always see through ambushes.

Prowl 60%: Or adds 15% to Prowl if they already have that skill.  This attributed to the fact that they will be alerted to the victims intentions of know the character is there.

Automatic Dodge: When defending against the danger, if it is an attack (which is +2).

Cannot be the victim of any sneak attack, this includes long range attacks.

+6 on initiative and to roll with punch/fall/impact

+1 to parry

Abilities and Bonuses that always apply:

At levels 4, 7, 10 and 13 add one melee action to the time it takes to sense the danger (i.e. at level 4 they will sense it two melee actions before it happens, at level 7 its 3 melee actions, at level 10 4 melee actions, etc.)

+20% to Impersonation, Paramedic, Medical Doctor, Any Demolition skills, Trap/Mine Detection, Acrobatics, Climbing, Gymnastics, Race Car, Helicopter and Jet skills.


  Note: This power is an alternative to Energy Resistance in the random minor super abilities table.


Enhanced Leaping


     The power to jump really far and/or high, that’s it.  There is a little more flair and style to this power though.  Like, all the jumps the character makes are always no longer than 1 attack per melee long.  This means he jumps pretty fast.  They can land twice their jump distance high (if they were falling), will be able to jump their full distance from a 2-step running start and half from standing still.  And the jump distance in the next section details how high one can jump, they can actually jump 50% farther than higher.  The per level stuff is also 50% more when dealing with lengthwise jumping.


Regular Strength: P.S. in feet, plus any additional bonuses to leap.

Strong Strength: P.S. × 2 in feet, plus any additional bonuses to leap.

Extraordinary Strength: P.S. × 5 in feet, plus any additional bonuses to leap.

Superhuman Strength: P.S. × 100 in feet, plus any additional bonuses to leap.

Supernatural Strength: P.S. × 200 in feet, plus any additional bonuses to leap.


Other Abilities and Bonuses:

+4D6 to Speed attribute

+6 on initiative with any leg attack

+5 to damage with any leg attacks

Jump Attacks do double damage

Double swimming speed (if they can swim)


  Note: This power is an alternative to Clock Manipulation in the random minor super abilities table.


Explosive Charge


     This ability is a lesser, weaker version of the super ability of the same name.  Most notably, those with this power don’t have the ash/soot ability, can’t do timed explosives and have, generally, less control of this power (it isn’t nearly as powerful with damage as the major ability).


Range: By touch.  And as long as the character physically has his/her bare skin to the object, it will not be explosive.

Blast Radius: One foot per 5 S.D.C. charged, max.  This can’t be controlled.

Damage: 1D6 damage in 5 S.D.C. can be charged in a single melee action.  Can charge 5 more S.D.C. and do 1D6 more damage in one melee action at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.  And they can only control the damage from the minimum (1D6) to the maximum for that object, until level three.  When they reach level three, they can control damage from maximum to 1D6, in increments of 1D6.


  Note: This power is an alternative to Multiple Limbs on the random minor super abilities table.


Extraordinary Intelligence Quotient


     The power to be a genius.  And not just Einstein-like.  This is like Super-Villain-Take-Over-The-World genius.  Those of this intelligence rank above all in a test of wits and smarts.



Increase I.Q. to 23+2D6 (if higher than 18 just add 4D4)

Gets an additional +10% to all skills (except physical type)

+2 on perception rolls (in addition to I.Q. bonuses)

Photographic Memory: Same as Total Recall psychic power

Speed Read: Same as the psychic power


  Note: This power will replace Supernatural Strength under the random extraordinary attribute sub-table.


Natural Agility


     Those with this power have a superhuman level of agility.  Things that would normally be beyond the human bodies limit (in the sense of agility of course) are not out of reach with this character.  Any physical feats requiring coordination, balance, timing, tumbling and agility come with relative ease to those with this power.  The character will be nearly perfect in areas such as the previous mentioned.


1.       Natural Acrobatics/Gymnastics: The character will only get the skill that comes with theses skills.  They do not get the physical bonuses.  This is because characters that learn those skills practice to do them for hours and that gives their body a work out; these characters are just naturally instilled with it.  If they didn’t use a skill to learn Acrobatics or Gymnastics, they get any of the skills listed there at a base of 70%+3% per level of experience (and they can only reach 98% max).  If they did use a skill to learn them, then they will have 95% to start as a base and will get 3% per level of experience, which can reach over 100% (given there are usually penalties because of things that are real dangerous and/or impossible).

2.       Supernatural Sense of Balance: All of these characters have a perfect sense of balance.  Anything requiring a balance roll, needs no roll at all (it is automatically successful).  Plus these characters always land on their feet, like a cat.  This will mean that Body Flip/Throws and Sweeps are ineffective (they do no damage) to this character.  And if they were knocked off their feet as a result of impact, they have a 70% chance to land on their feet!

3.       Layout Tracking: This is an ability unique to this power.  It allows a character to memorize the terrain of an area just by glancing at it (takes one melee attack).  At that point, they can do any feats in that area without seeing where they are going!  They have a base chance of 75%+5% per level to successfully perform layout tracking and it has a 60 foot radius maximum.

4.       Combat Sync: The character is so comfortable with feats of agility that they can perform any acrobatic, gymnastic and/ or feats of balance in combat with no penalties!  So, they can forward flip and front kick someone or backflip and fire a gun at someone, with no penalties, full bonuses apply.

5.       Double Jointed: Essentially this is the same ability as the mutant trait with the same name.

6.       No Fear of Heights: Characters will have absolutely no fear of heights whatsoever.


Other Abilities and Bonuses:

Add 1D4+2 to P.P.

+6 to Roll with Punch or Impact (since they can’t fall)

+3 to strike, parry and dodge

+6 to escape grappling moves


  Note: This power is an alterative to Impervious to Fire/Heat in the random minor super abilities table.


Revised Super Powers


     Some of the powers in HU didn’t seem cool enough or just didn’t seem like that would work or just sucked, so I revised them.  The following are super powers that have been revised.



Revised Major Powers





     All the things in Bio-Armor function the same except for the fact that Body Coverage needs to be integrated—for quick easy reference the B.C. of the full Bio-Armor is 20 and for the Light Partial Armor it’s a B.C. of 10.  Also, where it notes characters do an additional 1D6 damage, it is now an additional die (same as what is normally rolled) of damage.


Disruptive Touch


     When I first read this power, I thought it was pretty cool, then when I first made a character with this power, it seemed pretty limited, since it requires touching bare skin.  I have since come up with a remedy for this ability that allows it to be a power that is worth picking.


The Tenth Level Bonus


     At 10th level, the character has developed their power to the point where they no longer need to touch a person to invoke this power.  They can use their power at a distance!  However, there are disadvantages to using this ability at a distance.  First, when used at a distance, the power is plainly visible.  It takes the form of a bolt of electricity, a very thin bolt though.  Second, it has a somewhat limited range (10 feet at level ten, +10 feet every level after ten).  Third, the save is lowered by 2.  And finally, a failed save means the touch inflicted no damage.


Force Aura


     This power is exactly the same, only take note the B.C. is 20.


Natural Combat Ability


     Because I revised the way hand to hand combat works, this power needed some revising as well.  Anything not revised is the same as the power.


1.       Natural Fighting Ability, Grace & Speed: The power will give characters a natural ability to go into any combat situation with a certain amount of control and confidence.  Not to mention the fact that these characters are physically capable of handling themselves in most combat situations.  All the bonuses that follow will take the place of those given in any style that the character is copying.  As far as what kinds of attack moves they have, they will fight with the moves that Hand to Hand: Expert gives, unless or until they face an opponent with a higher hand to hand, which in that case they get those moves appropriate to the they are on.

+3 Attacks per melee at level one; + 1 attack per melee at all even levels.

+1 on initiative at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15.

+1 to Roll with Impact per level of experience.

Automatic Dodge is part of Dodge—all bonuses gained from Dodge apply to auto dodge too (like how Auto Parry is to Parry).

Automatic Pull Punch (No need to roll)

2.       Damage in Hand to Hand Combat: Since, combat is relatively simplified, it would be annoying to list all the combat attacks and their different damages.  So, to keep things simple, due to the characters perfect technique of combat moves, they receive an additional +10 to damage in hand to hand combat.

3.       Natural Weapon Master: Once again, with my revisions on weapons (both modern and ancient) a revision was necessary (especially with the addition of Ranged Combat).  I try to keep things as simple as possible.  So, the following is the best I can do to keep things simple.  The character knows how to use every weapon.  From gun to knife and the character is proficient in any weapon qualified to be used paired (once again, this includes any firearms).  When dealing with Ranged Combat the character has the Ranged Combat of the individual he/she is fighting, except it is at the characters level—the character needs to be in a gunfight for only two attacks to adapt.  All Ancient Weapons get a bonus of +2 to any applicable bonuses to start with at level one and will receive an additional +1 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.  The bonus to modern weapons is unchanged—it’s +3 aimed, +1 to burst at level one and +1 to both at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.  Revolver still starts with a +4 aimed at level one as well.


Supernatural Strength


     I thought they over did it a bit when they upped the amount that people are able to carry with Supernatural Strength—it was really ridiculous.  So, to remedy the situation, I adjusted this, as with the way it is in all other palladium games, the character will be able to carry 50× his/her P.S. in pounds and 100× his/her P.S. when lifting.  Ignore the Damage Modifiers in HU.  Here are the new modifiers:

PS of 15 or less: Add one die to damage rolls.

PS of 16-20: Add two dice to damage rolls.

PS of 21-25: Add three dice to damage rolls.

PS of 26-30: Add four dice to damage rolls.

PS of 31-35: Add five dice to damage rolls.

PS of 36-40: Add six dice to damage rolls.

PS of 41-45: The normal damage; times ten.

PS of 46-50: Add one die to damage roll and times by ten.

PS of 51-60: Add two dice to damage rolls and times by ten.

PS of 61-70: Add three dice to damage rolls and times by ten.

PS of 71-80: Add four dice to damage rolls and times by ten.

PS of 81-90: Add five dice to damage rolls and times by ten.

PS of 91+: Add six dice to damage rolls and times by ten.


   All are in addition to the normal damage bonus given for that actual strength number.  Everything else is unchanged.




     While this power is classic and extremely cool.  It needed just a wee bit fine-tuning to be used in my HU.  First off, the number of attacks it takes is different and it will have to do with the max amount of weight the character wants to Teleport.  Modifications are as follows (everything else is unchanged):


   Attacks per Melee: Teleporting to and from cost one action each.  This means that disappearing counts as one action and the reappearing counts as the other action.  In essence, this ability is one full melee attack.  However, because the disappearing only counts as one action, the character may use this ability to dodge.  No bonuses apply—except natural P.P. bonuses.

   Weight Limitation: Self (plus clothing/shoes) and one extra attack per melee per 100 additional pounds.  The character must physically touch the other things they are teleporting and the act of teleporting doesn’t happen until the last attack.



Revised Minor Powers



Body Weapons


     The only revision that needs to be made is that the use of this power burns a melee action—creating a weapon and using it in the same attack can be done, but it’s considered a wild attack (it’s done at -6).  Everything else of this ability is unchanged.


Energy Expulsion—Radius Blast


     This will replace Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field.  This power will function the same way; only it will not be limited to electricity.  At third level, they can control damage in small increments of 1D6, down to a minimum of 1D6.  The players now get to choose what type of energy the want to have as a radius blast.  Which will be limited to Fire, Electricity, Light or the classic Energy.  While the field is on the character, can still move around, fight, do other things, etc.  If they move the field follows, still surrounding him/her (like a shield, sort of).  Any projectile attacks, bullets and thrown objects will still be at –8 to strike and will do full damage if they hit.


Range: 10 feet per level of experience.

Damage: 5D6 per attack of the character.  If they have three attacks then every attack inside the field will do 5D6.

Duration: As many melees as the character likes, but they still need to burn the proper attacks to activate this power.

Attacks Per Melee: Counts as one to activate.  If they wish to continue the field, it will just mean losing one attack for that melee round.


Extraordinary Physical Strength


     Like Supernatural Strength, this power has been altered so it will be balanced out to relative to Supernatural Strength.  Those with this power are able to carry 30× their P.S. in pounds and lift twice as much.  The other aspect is the same.  Bionic characters are considered to have this strength.


Flight: Wingless


     This power seemed a bit out of balance.  Players would get it simply because it is better than flight: glide and without penalty or because it doesn’t have the disadvantage that flight: winged has—the wings.  So, I decided to add an additional aspect to this ability that gives it a sort of disadvantage, so as to balance it out with the other flights.  Everything else is unchanged.


     Disadvantages: This power is very noisy.  This character will make noise equal to 30 decibels when flying up to 30 mph, down to hovering.  Add 2 more decibels per 10 mph of flight up to 230 mph (anything faster stays at 70 decibels).


Healing Factor


     The Healing Factor in Heroes Unlimited didn’t satisfy me, so here is my own modification that is more gratifying to me.


The Healing Factor:

Heals 1D6 S.D.C. every minute

Heals 1D4 Hit Points every 10 minutes

Super Healing: 5D6 S.D.C./Hit Points instantly, once a day.  One more per day at levels 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.

Never scars and broken bones are healed one bone per day

Doesn’t fatigue at all

Fire/Cold Resistant (half damage/effects)

Drugs, Toxins, Poisons, Disease, Virus etc. nearly have no effect (1/10 the normal effects and damage, if they don’t save)


Manipulate Kinetic Energy


     Everything is the same, except for ability #4.  Characters will get the +4 bonus to mental parry and will also receive whatever bonuses they get from M.E.  Otherwise, this power is the same.


Mental Stun


     Oh boy, this power.  This power really annoyed me.  I don’t know if the creators understood that this power lacks versatility and is extremely limited.  That’s what I mainly focused all of my efforts to—versatility and less limits.  As a result, there are now three different ways to apply this power.  Players get to select 1 of the following abilities or gets all of them when selected twice.


Range: 60 feet or by touch.

Saving Throw: 15 (with M.E. bonuses).  17 if by touch.




1.       Disorient: This is a very useful ability outside of combat—it allows characters to disorient victims for a decent amount of time.  Victims will suddenly feel very “woozy” and will need to sit down or risk stumbling and falling over every few steps.  This ability requires lots of concentration—one full melee!  However, it is well worth it.

Damage: Special.  Victims are at -8 to all combat rolls, -20% to all skills, speed is reduced by half and there is a 60% chance of the victim falling over every two steps!

Duration: 1D4 minutes per level of experience.

Attacks Per Melee: One full melee!  Characters are defenseless at this time!


2.       Daze: A lesser version disorient that makes victims seem a little less woozy than the previous ability.  This ability resembles more a dizziness than anything else.  Victims can still stand and move about—they will just do so without the benefit of bonuses.  This is similar to a “Knock-out/Stun” attack, but this ability is a bit more powerful—it doesn’t last as long as the Disorient power (then again, it doesn’t take as long to use either).  It is possible to use Daze in combat, but is not recommended, due to the amount of concentration necessary to use it.

Damage: Special.  Victims are at -5 to all combat rolls, -20% to all skills, speed is reduced by 30% and there is no chance that the victim will fall over if moving.

Duration: One melee round per level of experience.

Attacks Per Melee: Counts as two attacks per melee.


3.       Stun: For a quick moment victims are suddenly struck with a moment of confusion and disorientation.  It’s similar to being caught off surprise—victims hesitate for a second.  This ability is extremely useful in combat, because unlike the other abilities this ability can be used with an attack!  As long as the character can touch skin-to-skin, this ability works.  Victims will still need to make a save, but it is higher, since by touch.  Even when this power is used from afar it takes up very little concentration.

Damage: Special.  Victims lose their next melee attack, meaning they cannot do anything for their next attack—not even defend (they just simply stand there)!

Attacks Per Melee: When using from a distance it burns one action (yes, characters can do two in one attack).  However, characters can only do 1 stun attack in a melee round per level of experience.  When used as part of a attack it counts as the characters attack (full damage will still be inflicted if a victim saves, however).  This power cannot be used as a parry, but it can be done as a simultaneous attack.


Other Abilities and Bonuses:

Immune to any stun type attacks.

Add +1 to M.E.




     This power is exactly the same; except for instead of doing an additional 1D6 damage the just add one die to dice rolls.


Power Channeling


     With the revision of hand to hand combat, I had to revise this power.  It still functions the same way though.  Unless used as a Power Parry, this power cannot be used with defenses.


Tackle Damage: 2D4 + 1D4 per level of experience.

Headbutt Damage: 1D6 +1D6 every two levels of experience.

Arm Attacks: Normal, plus 1 die extra per level of experience.

Leg Attacks: Normal, plus 1 die extra per level of experience.

Sweep: 1D4 +1 point per level of experience.

Power Attack: ×2 at level one; ×3 at level 5, ×4 at level 10 and ×5 at level 15.

Power Parry: Normal, plus 1 die extra every two levels of experience (ignore Power Parry, unless the character actually gets this ability from their hand to hand).


Superhuman Strength (Robotic)


     Like the other super strengths, this ability is altered to fit into the order of higher strengths.  Characters can carry 40× their P.S. in pounds and lift twice as much.  Everything else is unchanged.