Notable Palladium Fantasy Changes


     The following is a simple list of the things I felt should be different, whether it is with an O.C.C. or a rule.  They are also things I really thought didn’t need to be rewritten, just touched up on.  It either wasn’t worth rewriting the entire O.C.C. for or it was so miscue, that a simple comment would be enough for a notable change.  Final Note: Everyone’s S.D.C increases by 1D6 per level and Hit Points by 1D4 per level.




     Add an additional 20 SDC as part of their O.C.C. bonuses.




     They do not get Animal Husbandry as an O.C.C. skill. 

     However, they do get the following:

Horsemanship: General or Exotic (+20%)

Fishing (+15%)

Swimming (+10%)

Dowsing (+20%)

Prowl (+10%)




     For god’s sake, they get Prowl (+10%).




     They do not get Track Humanoid as an O.C.C. skill.




     Add an additional 3 Languages (+10%) and they do not get Two W.P.’s of choice as an O.C.C. skill, they only get one.




     Add two more Languages (+20%) and Literacy’s (+15%).


Vagabond/Peasant or Farmer


     In place of where Animal Husbandry, Athletics and Wild- erness Survival is, substitutes may be made depending on the nature or job of the character.


Animal Husbandry & Wilderness Survival (+5%; select two):


One Additional Language

One Literacy


Horsemanship: General


Holistic Medicine



*Blacksmithing (counts as two)

Breed Dogs


General Repair




Boat Building


Track/Trap Animals



Physical Labor

Running: Exercise


Ward Magic


     Ward Rejuvenation Rate: One “ward” (not ward phrase), is recovered every hour at first level.  At fourth level, they get back one ward every 30 minutes.  At eighth level, they get one ward back every 10 minutes.  At twelfth level, every 5 minutes and at fifteenth level, they have an unlimited ward capacity.

     Deliberate Activation: By touch it burns one action and 2 P.P.E.  However, they can activate at a distance, which burns one action and 2 P.P.E. per foot away they are from the ward.




     Humans start with an additional 20 S.D.C. and may roll on either the Human Traits table or the Psionic Ability table—but not both.  If a GM allows it, they may roll on one and then the other, should the first yield no abilities.




     Their average life span is only 120 years (or an average of about double that of humans).  The percentage of developing a degree of psychic power is as follows: 1-20% Major Psychic, 21-50% Minor Psychic and 51-00% No Psychic Powers.  And the M.A.- of an Elf is 2D6, but their M.A.+ is 4D6.




     Dwarves get an additional 25 S.D.C. (giving them a base of 40 to start with) and their average life span is 90 years (usually 50% more than a humans average life span).  Dwarves are also considered to be “Naturally Strong”, via the Human Trait and their M.A.- is 4D6, but their M.A.+ is 3D6.




     Gnomes start with 5 S.D.C. and their M.A.+ is 3D6+4, but their M.A.- is 1D6+2.




     They start with 10 S.D.C. and their M.A.+ is 2D6, but their M.A.- is 3D6.  Also, average life span is only 60 years.




     All have an additional 30 S.D.C. added to their base and all are considered to be “Naturally Strong”.




     All have an additional 30 S.D.C. added to their base and all are considered to be “Naturally Strong”.  The average life span is 60 years.