Physical Psychic P.C.C.:


†††† The The Physical Psychics may seem the most powerful of all the P.C.C.ís.However, they are just as vulnerable as anyone else and since a vast majority of their powers can be seen by everyone who isnít blind, they tend to get themselves into a lot of trouble whenever they donít hide their powers.Something else to think about is the fact that since the characterís focus is on affecting the material world, they are not sensitive to the supernatural, the paranormal and similar stuff.These psychics are likely to be targeted by supernatural or paranormal beings because of their psychic talent and these characters wonít even know it.


Special P.C.C. Bonuses & Abilities:


1.       Powers List: As with all P.C.C.ís, psychic abilities are selected from a list.The following is a list of the psychic abilities that are available as a Physical Psychic character and the P.P.E. cost to buy them:


Bio-Manipulation (10 each)

Bio-Regeneration (20)

Electrokinesis (8)

Hydrokinesis (10)

Pyrokinesis (30)

Telekinesis (Super) (20)

Mind Bolt (18)

Psi Shield (30)

Psi Sword (30)

Psi Body Field (30)

Radiate Horror Factor ((8)

Telekinetic Force Field (30)

Deaden Pain (4)

Ectoplasm (15)

Levitation (8)

Resist Thirst (2)

Summon Inner Strength (8)

Telekinesis (12)

Any Physical Powers (Cost is equal to casting cost)

2.       Closed to the Supernatural: Although, the Physical Psychic does have psychic abilities, they are not receptive to the subtle sensations of the supernatural world.This confers a small list of big bonuses, but also is also the reason why this character cannot get any sensitive powers.While they cannot select sensitive powers, other psychics or supernatural can still sense them.While this is bad, it is not at all crippling to this character. Most Physical Psychics, while not able to sense the presence of the supernatural, usually have enough psi-powers to hold their own if attacked.Because of this ability, Physical Psychic characters tend to become combatants/hunters of the supernatural, rather than sensitive trackers.Bonuses: Need an 8 or higher to save vs. psychic or magic attacks.They also get two saves vs. possession and need only a 10 or higher to save.

3.       P.P.E.: Physical Psychics start with a base P.P.E. equal to their P.E. + 5D6 and they gain an additional 2D4 P.P.E. per level of experience.

4.       I.S.P.: Physical Psychics will start with a base I.S.P. equal to their M.E.◊2 + 1D6 I.S.P. per level of experience.

5.       Other Bonuses: +2 to save vs. Horror Factor.+1 to save vs. Psychic Attacks.+1 to save vs. Magic.+2 to save vs. Possession of any kind.An additional +1 to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15; an additional +1 to save vs. Psychic Attacks at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13; and an additional +1 to save vs. Magic at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.


Physical Psychic P.C.C.

Also Known As: ĎKinetic, Battle Mind and a host of others.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:M.E. of 12 or higher.If lower than 12 adjust to 12.

O.C.C. Programs:The character may roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D4+6.Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.