Physical Training



     Once again, I am bitching and whining about yet another Heroes Unlimited Power Category.  The only thing really that bothered me about the Physical Training category is that their specialized combat had to be revised to fit with my revision of hand to hand combat.  I have also taken the liberty to add and revise the special abilities they receive.  As a result, I have just completely revised the whole section and put it here for a real easy reference.


Step One: The Usual


     Attributes: Determine as usual.  However, because many physical attributes will be changed from various bonuses, it is best to write down all the physical attributes in pencil.

     Hit Points: Determine as usual also.  Hit Points will get a bonus as well, which will be noted later.


Step Two: Education and Skills


     Education Level: Determine as usual, except subtract one skill program from the total number of skill programs they get.  If the “Street Schooled” education level is rolled, then ignore all skills they receive under the education level, except for the Streetwise (+14%), Prowl (+5%) and W.P. Knife skills. (They cannot select modern weapons)

     Also, the character CANNOT select any physical skills (all the physical skills they need will be given later).


Step Three: Determine Physical Focus


     As you all probably know already, that not all heroes wield amazing powers or are outfitted with super high tech gadgets.  Some, in fact, rely solely on there own natural abilities.  These are the super athletes, whose physical abilities have more than exceeded your average athletes ability—they are the Physical Training characters.  Modern day warriors whom have trained their bodies to the pinnacle of physical perfection and fighting skills to rival most martial art grand masters.  These characters rely on their own naturally attained super combat skills, speed, agility and strength, which seem to transcend human limits.

     The real power of the Physical Training character is that their body is conditioned to be a living weapon—it is tougher, faster, stronger and more agile than most professional athletes.  Furthermore, they train extensively in the arts of hand to hand combat.  Combined with a superior conditioned physical body, these characters are ranked among the most dangerous to fight in hand to hand combat on this planet.  Unlike true martial art characters though, these characters do not seek to master one specific martial art, but instead, wish to find the best aspects of many martial arts and combine them.  It is not uncommon for a Physical Training character to have learned techniques from Karate, Kung Fu, Street Fighting, Wrestling and Boxing, and then combine the best from each!  Their skill in a hand to hand combat fight has become far superior than any firearm is.

     Firearms are accepted by these characters, but are viewed as a weapon that ignores the true power of the human body.  A melee/ancient weapon is this warrior’s weapon of choice, for the ancient weapon is an extension of the character, while the firearm is the entire danger in itself.  Why condition and train the body so hard if the true weapon is a machine?  The human body should be the characters true weapon—weapons of skill, speed, agility, strength, stealth, cunning and courage.  This is the general philosophy of the Physical Training character.


Physical Training Skills:


     The following skills are common to all Physical Training characters regardless of focus.


     Physical Skills: Select a total of 6 Physical skills (Hand to Hand, Boxing and Wrestling are not available, special combat skills will be provided later on in this section).

     Other Skills: Select a total of 4 Espionage skills (if selfish or evil, they may select from Rogue as well).


Physical Training Focus:


     These characters train so hard physically that they get more out of the training that the average athlete does.  What kinds of results they are trying to receive will depend on their training focus—i.e. the aspect of training that is most appealing.  All of the following bonuses are in addition to any other bonuses that will be given from skills or combat.


Focus on Strength & Endurance:

+10% to all physical skills when applicable

+5% on all Espionage (or Rogue) skills

+2D4 to P.E. attribute

+1D6 to Spd. attribute

+1D4 to P.B. attribute

+6D6 to Hit Points

+3D4×10 to S.D.C.

+20% to save vs. Coma/Death

+2 to save vs. Disease, Toxins and Poisons

+1 attack per melee round

+1 to pull punch

+1 on initiative


   Typically, studies the Aggressive and Deadly Hand to Hand, but they may study Defensive and Fast at the cost of reducing the Hit Point and S.D.C. bonus by half.


Focus on Speed and Agility:

+15 to the physical skills of Acrobatics and Gymnastics

+5% to all other physical skills when applicable

+10% to all Espionage (or Rogue) skills

+1D4 to P.P. attribute

+3D6+10 to Spd. attribute

+1D4 to P.B. attribute

+3D6 to Hit Points

+1D4×10 to S.D.C.

+10% to save vs. Coma/Death

+2 attacks per melee round

+2 on initiative


   Typically, studies the Defensive and Fast Hand to Hand, but they may study Aggressive and Deadly at the cost of reducing speed bonus by half and losing the initiative bonus.


Step Four: Special Combat Art


    The Physical Training character has such extensive training in various forms of combat that they have effectively created their own unique Hand to Hand combat, exclusive only to the Physical Training character!  It will combine the best and most effective techniques from various forms of fighting worldwide and each will focus on a certain approach to combat.  Each art serves as the characters' Hand to Hand (which is why they did not need to select it earlier) and includes techniques from both boxing and wrestling.  Each have their pros and cons and with the right player character, each is equally formidable.


Hand to Hand: Aggressive and Deadly


    Focuses on things that will damage and hurt a foe and takes only the most dangerous techniques from fighting arts such as Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kenpo, Shotokan, Juijitsu and other similar aggressive fighting styles.  This emphasizes a lot of violent aggression and hurting the opponent badly as a way to defend.  “The best defense is a good offense,” is the motto for characters with this art.  They often avoid basic defenses in favor of attacking the opponent—after all, taking a punch or a kick is small price to pay for breaking a bone.


Starts with…

Arm Attacks: Hook and Double Fist.  Select three more.

Leg Attacks: Front Kick and Knee.  Select three more.

Miscellaneous Attacks: Tackle, Headbutt and Disarm.

Grapples: Slam and Neck Hold.  Select four more.

Defenses: Power Parry and Combo Parry/Attack.  Select one more.

Attack Modifications: Dash, Spin and Death Blow.


Level Advancement Bonuses:

1)       +2 attacks per melee round.  +4 to damage, +2 to parry, +3 to strike and grapple.

2)       Critical Strike on a natural 18-20.  +4 on initiative, +3 to disarm and +2 to damage.

3)       Automatic KO on a natural 19-20.  +3 to grapple, +2 to damage and strike.

4)       +1 attack per melee round.  Gains two more attack moves.  +2 to parry and initiative.

5)       +2 to grapples, disarm and dodge.

6)       +2 to damage, strike and grapple.  +1 on initiative.

7)       +1 attack per melee round.  Critical Strike on a natural 16-20 and Automatic KO on a natural 18-20.

8)       +2 to damage, grapple and disarm.  +1 on initiative.

9)       +1 attack per melee round.  +2 to strike, +1 to damage and parry.

10)    +2 to damage, grapple and disarm.  +1 to dodge.

11)    +2 to damage and strike.  +1 to parry and initiative.

12)    +1 attack per melee round.  Automatic Death Blow on a natural 20.

13)    Critical Strike on a natural 15-20 and Automatic KO on a natural 17-20.  Gains one more defensive move.

14)    +1 attack per melee round.  +1 to damage, strike, disarm and initiative.

15)    The characters’ body is so tough that they have a Natural Armor Rating of 14 against blunt attacks and natural energy attacks (i.e. fire, cold, electricity, plasma, pure energy, etc.).  However, things that can cut, pierce, stab or slash them (i.e. bullets, knives, swords, arrows, etc.) will inflict full damage and the A.R. is ineffective against them.


Hand to Hand: Defensive and Fast


     This art focuses mainly on speed, quick reflexes and agility (placing a special emphasis on defense).  It tries to combine all the best defensive and quick techniques from styles like Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Wrestling, Ninjitsu, Tang Su Do and other similar quick arts.  It also stresses disarming and avoidance in general.  The best advantages to this art is that characters are probably better at handling multiple attackers than those that practiced Aggressive and Deadly Hand to Hand.  To those that study this hand to hand, “The best offense is a good defense.”


Starts with…

Arm Attacks: Punch and Backhand.  Select three more.

Leg Attacks: Sweep and Hook Kick.  Select three more.

Miscellaneous Attacks: Tackle, Headbutt and Disarm.

Grapples: Flip/Throw and Arm Hold.  Select two more.

Defenses: Breakfall, Auto Dodge, Auto Disarm and Auto Flip/ Throw.  Select one more.

Attack Modifications: Dash, Spin, Jump and Auto Pull Punch (no need to roll—automatic just by calling it).


Level Advancement Bonuses:

1)       +3 attacks per melee round.  +3 disarm, parry and dodge.

2)       +1 attack per melee round.  +3 to strike and initiative and +2 to breakfall and grapple.

3)       Critical Strike on a natural 19-20, KO on a natural 20 and Auto Dodge becomes part of Dodge (like how Auto Parry is a part of Parry).  All Dodge bonuses are applicable to Auto Dodge now.

4)       +1 attack per melee round.  +3 to disarm and grapple and +2 to damage.

5)       +2 to breakfall and initiative.  Gains one more defensive move and two more attack moves.

6)       +1 attack per melee round. +2 damage, parry and dodge.

7)       Critical Strike on a natural 18-20, KO on a natural 19-20 and +3 to breakfall.

8)       +1 attack per melee round.  +2 to strike, parry and dodge.

9)       +2 to disarm, initiative, grapple and damage.

10)    +1 attack per melee round.  +2 to strike, parry and dodge.

11)    +2 to strike, initiative and grapple.  +1 to disarm.

12)    +1 attack per melee round.  This characters reflexes have developed so much that they never flinch (i.e. they have all the time they need to decide a course of action) and they are so alert that they can combat multiple attackers, even if they cannot see them!  This also applies to sneak attacks, as long as the sneak attack is a hand to hand attack (long range type attacks still work on this character).

13)    +1 to strike parry, dodge and disarm.

14)    +1 attack per melee round.  Critical Strike on a natural 17-20 and KO on a natural 18-20.

15)    The character has developed such a fast speed and ability to track movement that they are able to defend against any kind of projectile attack and negate up to a -6 penalty!


Special Combat Abilities:


     These are abilities gained from extensive conditioning and training; they are second nature to this character.


1.       Super Strength: If the character’s focus is on Speed and Agility, their strength will be considered Extraordinary.  They do not get the bonuses under the minor super ability; they only get to enhanced lift and carry aspect.  However, if their focus is on Strength and Endurance, they get the equivalent of the minor super ability of Superhuman Strength!  All things under the super ability apply.

2.       Accelerated Healing: This simply means that because of the character being super healthy, their immune system works better than the average person.  Physical Training characters heal twice as fast as normal characters do and they can mend broken bones 50% as fast.

3.       Superior Combat Endurance: In general, years of long, extensive combat training and sparring has given this fighter a threshold for combat that is longer than the average fighter—the Physical Training character can last 10× longer in combat than nearly any other characters.

4.       Super Attack: This powerful attack is more that just the “Power Attack” they get from having a hand to hand—it takes Power Attack a step further.  First, it works exactly the same as Power Attack, except in addition the victim loses there next available attack per melee and this attack is so powerful it will do normal damage to those normally invulnerable!  This attack is compatible with nearly all attacks, except holds.

5.       Force of Will: This is the incredible ability to keep going even after all S.D.C. and Hit Points are gone!  When in this ravaged state, the character has only one attack per melee, no Super Attack, no combat bonuses and speed is reduced by half (pretty scary for those with a focus on speed and agility).  The character can function this way for 24 hours or until their Hit Points reach –41 (-61 for those whose focus is on Strength and Endurance), whatever comes first.  At this point, the Physical Training character will lapse into a coma and only the help of professional medical treatment can save them!  Although, -40 (or –60 respectively) is way below the character’s P.E. limit, it is his/her force of will and physical condition that keeps them alive.  If professional medical treatment is applied in time and is successful the character will be brought back up to two Hit Points and will recover normally from then on.


Step Five: Other Stuff


     Alignment: Any alignment can be chosen, but heroes tend to be of good or selfish alignment.

     Structural Damage Capacity (S.D.C.): They start with a base of 30 S.D.C. and will gain more as noted earlier.

     Hand to Hand Combat: The Physical Training character gets a special Hand to Hand, exclusive to them.  It is not, at all available to any other power categories.

     Attacks Per Melee: Like everyone in Heroes Unlimited, Physical Training characters start with two attacks per melee and gain a whole lot more through training as noted earlier.

     Weapons and Armor: They tend to favor ancient, melee or silent weapons.  They tend to avoid firearms in general and unless the character is extremely wealthy, only conventional to cheap weapons and armor are available.

     Available Financial Resources: $5D6×100 is immediately available, right in the character’s pocket.  This is in addition to any possible life savings they might own.  There’s a 01%-89% likelihood they own a car (1D6 years old) and they will have a reasonable job and other personal effects.