Psi-Tech P.C.C.:


     The Since the beginning of human existence, psychic characters and magic characters have hid among humans.  They practiced ancient arts that twisted and skewed the human mind.  As time passed and the boom of technological advancement flourished a new breed of psychics emerged—those that began to mix the powers of the mind with technology.  Psi-Tech characters are an unusual and rare breed that can only manifest their powers through odd devices fueled by psychic energy or unique kinds of devices created to simulate psychic powers.  Although psi-powers are innate in their nature, it is through the blending of psionics and technology that their true power is born.


Special P.C.C. Bonuses & Abilities:


1.       Powers List: Unlike the other P.C.C.’s, the Psi-Tech is unique.  These characters do not have the option to buy and pick psionic powers.  Instead, they have a very specific list of psionic powers that they start of with and are the only powers that they may use without making them into a device.  These psionic powers are mainly used to aid the Psi-Tech in creating their devices:


Telemechanic Mental Operation

Telemechanic Paralysis

Telemechanic Possession


Machine Ghost

Speed Reading

2.       Psynology: The main power of the Psi-Tech is their ability to blend psionics with technology.  In general, Psi-Tech devices are created through a complex rebuilding and upgrade of the actual device.  The device is taken apart, modified and it is then put back together in such a way that it does not make sense for it to function at all (by definition of conventional science) anymore.  Psi-Techs consider this skill an art or actual science, rather than an “ability”.  Therefore, they are very critical and defensive about the devices they create.  However, since when creating a device the character uses skills to take apart and put back together a device, it does require a roll similar to a skill.  It will take the place of rolling for any electrical or mechanical skills.  The only real psychic aspect of this ability is when the Psi-Tech infuses the device with psychic power.  Generally, a device will have a cost in P.P.E. that must be spent in order to create it.  This cost is semi-temporary—it is simply housed in the device until the Psi-Tech decides to disassemble the device and take his/her P.P.E. back.  Once a device is made, it cannot be modified to put additional powers in it.  However, Psi-Tech characters can disassemble an old device and recreate it in the same way with new modifications.  This process takes a long time though and may fail, which will result in a broken device, this will not mean that the Psi-Tech character will lose P.P.E. because the device failed, they simply broke the device or vital parts.  Here are the general guidelines in creating devices:


·    P.P.E. costs are generally the amount it takes to activate it as a psionic power normally.

·    Psi-Tech Devices generally take about 1 hour per point of P.P.E. used to create it and about an additional 5 hours per psionic power put into it (or 10 hours per full super psionic power).

·    Disassembling a device takes half the time it was created.

·    Only the Psi-Tech who created the device can safely (and surely) disassemble a device and retake its P.P.E.

·    If a device is destroyed, its P.P.E. automatically transfers back to the Psi-Tech who created the device.

·    Once turned into a Psi-Tech Device, the device can never function normally again.

·    Duration is limited to use; it generally costs half the I.S.P. to activate a device, using a single power.  However, for an extra ten P.P.E. and 12 hours of work the device can have a duration equal to its power source (batteries or outlet plug).

·    Range is limited by the device solely.  If a device doesn’t have a range that is suitable to fit the power, then the player must come up with one—ultimately, at the GM’s discretion.

·    Saving Throws are standard.

·    Devices can be used by any psychic.

·    Base Skill: 70%+4% per level of experience.


Some Sample Psi-Tech Devices:


   PDA Recaller/Diagnoser: A very useful device that utilizes the powers of either Total Recall or Psychic Diagnosis (or if a Psi-Tech character wishes, both).  However, since it is only a PDA, using Psychic Diagnosis will give a readout of specific things that are wrong with an individual.  A special connection cable has to be used to connect to the individual; one end is a USB jack and the other end is a small adhesive pad that must be taped to the person (the pad is the same pad used with EKG machines). 

 Build Time: 9 hours for Total Recall and 7 hours for Psychic Diagnosis.  16 hours for both.

 P.P.E. Cost: 4 for Total Recall and 2 for Psychic Diagnosis.

 I.S.P.: 2 for Total Recall and 1 for Psychic Diagnosis.

 Special: Add an extra 10 P.P.E. to P.P.E. Cost and 12 hours to Build Time per power if run off batteries.


   Ear Telepaphone: A pair (or more) of earphones/earpieces where the user simply thinks what they want to say and it will be transmitted to the other earpieces as audible sound.  Unlike the Telepathy power, this nifty device has a range equal to the range of the actual device.

 Build Time: 9 hours or 21 hours if the device will be run off batteries.

 P.P.E. Cost: 4 or 14 if it will run off batteries. 

 I.S.P.: 2 to activate or none if run off batteries. 

 Special: Add an extra 10 P.P.E. to P.P.E. Cost and 12 hours to Build Time for the third earpiece and 5 hours to Build Time per extra earpiece after the third piece.


   Mystivision Goggles: Empowered with any of the following powers: See Aura, See the Invisible or Nightvision.  Either of these or all of them can be a part of this device.  See Aura will reveal an aura of color and design, which will be distinct to all people.  Seeing the Invisible appears as a ghostly apparition—the actual being is crystal clear in shape and detail, but will be a bit opaque, making them stand out.  And Nightvision allows the user to see in color vision in the dark, just as if it were day outside.  A small switch will allow the user to switch visions.

 Build Time: 11 hours for See Aura, 9 hours for Nightvision or See the Invisible.  38 hours for all of them.

 P.P.E. Cost: 6 for See Aura and 4 for Nightvision or See the Invisible.

 I.S.P.: 3 to activate See Aura and 2 to activate Nightvision or See the Invisible.  None if run off batteries.

 Special: Add an extra 10 P.P.E. to P.P.E. Cost and 12 hours to Build Time per power if run off batteries.


   Spirit Cell Phone: Talk about calling the dead.  This device literally calls the dead.  The user needs only press “Send” and hopefully the phone will find some reception to contact a spirit via the Commune with Spirit psionic power.  The user then is able to talk with the spirit as if he were talking to anyone else on a cell phone.  If someone tries to listen in on the call while the caller is still on, the “signal will be lost”, this also happens if someone tries to take the phone from the user.  A spirit may end the call at anytime, but the reception will still register on the phone, allowing the user to redial.  Reception will only be lost if the spirit leaves the radius (30 feet) or if the caller is the one who ends the call.

 Build Time: 11 hours or 23 hours if run off batteries.

 P.P.E. Cost: 6 or 16 P.P.E. if run off batteries.

 I.S.P.: 3 to activate or none if run off batteries.

 Special: For an extra 15 P.P.E. and 25 hours the Psi-Tech can modify the phone to receive calls from spirits.  Phone number shows up as “Unknown Caller”.


   Sense Pager: It couldn’t be avoided—a pager that can either have Sixth Sense, Sense Evil or Presence Sense.  The pager gives off distinct vibrations or beeps according to what power is activated.  Usually, Sixth Sense is a long, intensive vibration with the number “911” being the caller.  Beeping will indicate the Sense Evil power is activated.  By spending some I.S.P., a character can “check the number” of who called.  The number sequence is something that only the Psi-Tech understands, at first.  One dash means one evil, two dashes mean “few” evils, three dashes is “several” and four is “many”.  The intensity of the evil will be registered by a number from one to ten, posted right after the dashes.  Distance is another sequence of dashes, one for “very near”, two for “near” and three for “far”.  If the character checks their voice mail, a familiar voice will say one word that indicates the general location of the evil (i.e. person, room, object, etc.).  Presence Sense works roughly the same as Sense Evil, except that it cannot sense humans.

 Build Time: 7 hours for Sixth Sense or Sense Evil and 9 hours for Presence Sense.

 P.P.E. Cost: 4 for Presence Sense and 2 for Sixth Sense or Sense Evil.

 I.S.P.: 1 for Sixth Sense or Sense Evil; 2 for Presence Sense or none if run off batteries.

 Special: Add an extra 10 P.P.E. to P.P.E. Cost and 12 hours to Build Time per power if run off batteries.


   VR Projection: This great device gives the user all the best qualities of Astral Projection without ever leaving their body!  The only thing that that isn’t the same in VR Projection is that one minute of time is one minute of time in VR Projection.  A user is still able to span the world and travel through the Astral Planes via the power and the character still has to find his/her way back.  If they do not find their way back in time or their power supply is cut off, their session ends.  This leaves their VR Astral Self somewhere in the VR Astral Plane, forever on “pause”.  That character may never enter the Astral Plane ever again, until another traveler can go into the VR Astral Plane or normal Astral Plane, find the paused individual and take them to the door they entered in.  This will allow the original user to “log on” once again in the VR Astral Plane.  VR Astral Bodies appear as ghosts in the Astral Plane, this is a odd and strange occurrence to natives or travelers in the Astral Plane.  When or if the character goes on “pause” in the VR Astral Plane, their VR Astral Body will be vulnerable to attack.  If destroyed, the person will never be able to enter the Astral Plane (or the VR Astral Plane) ever again.  Other than this, the device functions exactly like Astral Projection.

 Build Time: 13 hours or 25 if run off batteries/has a plug.

 P.P.E. Cost: 8 or 18 if run off batteries/has a plug.

 I.S.P.: 4 or none if run off batteries/has a plug.

   TeleVoyance: Still know as “TV”, this has a truly incredible ability.  Utilizing the power of Clairvoyance, the TV transfers what information would normally be derived from activating Clairvoyance as a psionic power.  The only difference is that everyone can see the images on the screen!  The TV functions the same way as Clairvoyance does.  However, as cool as this device may seem, there is a disadvantage to it.  The TV has a tendency (45% chance) to siphon the I.S.P. from a psychic and activate itself, whenever a psychic comes with 20 feet of the TV.  The psychic cannot prevent this in anyway and as long as they stay within 20 feet of the TV, the TV attempts to siphon I.S.P. every hour.  Activating the TV still requires a Base Skill roll, which will be stuck at the percentage equal to the level of the Psi-Tech when they made the device (i.e. 60% at first level or 62% at second level, etc.).  A failed roll means the TV will turn on, but will only show a static screen or “blue screen”.  A Psi-Tech character can, however, create the TV with a higher percentage, but this costs extra P.P.E. and takes more time to build.  The TV automatically turns off or goes to static screen or blue screen once the duration elapses and the TV is always made to run off batteries or with a plug.

 Build Time: 9 hours and 1 extra hour per 2% more Base Skill.

 P.P.E. Cost: 4 and 1 extra per 2% more Base Skill.

 I.S.P.: 2.


3.       P.P.E.: Psi-Tech characters, because of their nature, start with a huge amount of P.P.E., second only to Sorcerers—5D6+20; in addition they gain can additional 1D6+1 P.P.E. per level of experience.

4.       I.S.P.: Psi-Tech characters start off with an average amount of I.S.P. due to their limited amount of actual psionic powers.  M.E. + 1D6 per level of experience.

5.       Other Bonuses: +3 to save vs. Horror Factor.  +3 to save vs. Magic.  +2 to save vs. Psychic Attacks.  +1 to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 5, 10 and 15; +1 to save vs. Possession at levels 6 and 13.


Psi-Tech P.C.C.

Also Known As: Psynologists, Psychno’s and Psi-Mechanics.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:  M.E. of 10 or higher.  If lower than 10 adjust to 10.

O.C.C. Programs:  The player will still roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.  The only difference, is that the Psi-Tech characters automatically gives up one of their skill programs and has to have either the Electrical Program or Mechanical Program.  Its players choice which one.  However, depending on the program the player picks, all skills in that category receive an additional bonus of +10%.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D4+4.  Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.