Sorcerer O.C.C.:


     Traditional never dies.  Sorcerers have been around for as long as people can remember.  They have hid among us, with an alien knowledge, practicing forbidden arts.  Learning and perfecting powers best left forgotten.  But never has it been a forgotten art, for there is always a sorcerer in the world.  There will always be somebody to pass on the art of magic, in every generation.  And as time passes the art of magic only becomes more powerful and evolves with the times.

     Sorcerers in Beyond the Supernatural can be from, literally, any walk of life.  Businessmen, teenagers, hermits, dilettantes, eccentrics, law enforcement and a host of others could quite possibly be a Sorcerer.  It is up to the players to breathe life in their characters.


Special Abilities & Bonuses:


1.       Sorcery — The Art of Magic: Spell Invocations are the main powers of the Sorcerer.  Nearly all Spell Invocations include spoken words of ancient origins and usually gestures of sorts, until perfected.  Because of this, it is a very hard art and takes a well-disciplined person to learn the art of magic.

     The Con Side to learning the ways of spell casting is that a Sorcerer can go insane from trying to learn and cast spells that are more powerful than they can handle.  For more on this and spell selections read the Horror & Sanity Section.

     The Sorcerer will start with handful of spells they already learned.  Select a total of 5 spells from levels 1-5, 2 total from levels 6-10 and 1 spell from levels 11-12.  Unlike most spells, these ones, although higher than the characters level, do not make the character loose Sanity Points.  However, spells they learn after this, that are higher than the casters level is subject to the normal Insanity rules.

     New Spells may be learned every level the Sorcerer gains.  When learning spells this way, they may only make selections from levels up to their current level.  One spell per level may be learned at levels 1-5, at levels 6-10 the Sorcerer may learn two spells per level and at levels 11-15 the Sorcerer may learn three spells per level.  These spells are considered “a result of reading the ancient texts over and over.”  Or “an epiphany of sorts, the pieces finally come together.”

2.       Mystic Studies: The character also begins the game well versed in many lore skills.  All of the following lore skills are known at first level with a +30% bonus: Lore: Entities and Ghosts, Lore: Geomancy and Lines of Power, Lore: Cults and Religions, Lore: Demons and Deevils and Lore: Magic.

     Understanding Principles of Magic is another skill known exclusively to Sorcerers.  This will include, attempting to learn a new spell, when not going up in a level, attempting to figure out how certain spell casting works (i.e. Necromancy) and if a Sorcerer needs to translate ancient text (treat this as “Literacy: Runes”).  Base Skill: I.Q. + 3 % per level of experience.

3.       Magic Awareness: This unique power is exclusive to Sorcerers.  It works on a level similar to Sense Magic, but also incorporates aspects of Sense Evil and other unique powers.  It allows a Sorcerer to sense the presence of magic being used in an area, when an individual is a Sorcerer or Mystic, when any type of supernatural creature enters the area and when a thing or object is enchanted.  These characters can also “see” P.P.E. from Ley Lines, allowing them to see a ley line at far distances (this also includes nexus points and triads).  The Sorcerer has no way of knowing where any of these things are (except for Ley Lines) and cannot track them.  All they can do is sense if they are a higher level (although not how high) and a general distance of close (self to 99 feet), near (100-199 feet) and far (200-300 feet).

   Range: 300-foot radius.

   Duration: Constant.

   P.P.E.: None; natural ability.

4.       P.P.E. Battery: Unlike everyone else in Beyond the Supernatural, Sorcerers need not spend P.P.E. permanently at all.  On the contrary, they harness P.P.E. and learn to become a living battery of psychic energy.  Every small bits of psychic energy they get as they go up in levels, they keep.  However, this does not mean they do not use it.  They use it to cast spells and learn new spells.  Sorcerers start with a base P.P.E. equal to their P.E. + M.E. + 5D6 +30.  They also gain an additional P.P.E. equal to half their P.E. +1D4 per level of experience.

5.       Dedication to the Art: This isn’t necessarily a power of the Sorcerer.  It is more of an information section and it is a very important thing to note.  Because of the Sorcerer’s loyal and diligent dedication to the arts of magic, most of the time, a Sorcerer will cut time from their normal lives to study more of the arts of magic.  Learning to be a Sorcerer is extremely time consuming and costs the character one of their Skill Programs and 4 Secondary Skills.  This will already be factored in each of their respective sections or will be noted.  As for the Street Schooled Sorcerers, since they do not get skill programs, they must abandon all skills listed, leaving them only the following skills: Streetwise (+14%), Prowl (+5%), W.P. Knife or Auto Pistol and 4 Secondary Skills.

6.       Other Bonuses: +3 to save vs. Magic.  +2 to save vs. Possession.  +3 to save vs. Horror Factor.  +1 to save vs. Mind Controls.  +1 to save vs. Psychic Attacks.  An additional +1 to save vs. Magic at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15; an additional +1 to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10; an additional +1 to save vs. Mind Controls/Possession at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13; +1 to save vs. Psychic Attacks at levels 3, 9 and 12; and an additional +1 to Spell Strength at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15. +20 Sanity Points when initially creating this character.


Sorcerer O.C.C.

Also Known As: Mages, Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:  M.E. of 14 or higher and P.E. of 12 or higher.  If lower than their respectives, adjust them.

O.C.C. Programs:  The character may roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.  As noted under the Dedication to the Art power, when making a selection on education level or when rolling, remember that you must subtract one skill program to compensate for the time spent studying the arts of magic.  If Street Schooled is rolled, special conditions apply, see the power for details.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D4+2.  Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.  As noted under the Dedication to the Art power, the –4 secondary skills has already been factored in, leaving Sorcerers with quite a bit less secondary skills than all other characters.