The Super Soldier Option:



     The Super Soldier Option in Heroes Unlimited 2nd left me unsatisfied.  So, I opted to recreate and truly overhaul its entire section.  I came up with new options, new rules and revised some of the things that I personally think didn’t make sense.  As a result, this new Super Soldier Option is very on par with most of the superhuman freaks and other characters of the sort, suitable for the Heroes Unlimited world.  Players will find that this table and the creation of these characters can be a lot more fun than the original and are a little bit more powerful as well.  The following is the outline for the most general experimental things the super soldier option can get.  This following table and contents may be modified to suit your personal tastes and game needs.  Feel free to come up with new stuff.


Super Soldier Abilities


     There are three ways to go when creating the super soldier.  One, the player may select 1D4+4 of the following abilities.  Two, they may get 2 minor abilities and 1D4 of the features from the following list (or pick, its GM’s discretion).  Three, they can get one major ability and 1D4 features.  If the player rolls (or picks) the same feature twice, (like natural talent or minor psychic ability) they may get a second set of that feature (depends on the feature, GM’s call).


01-05 Natural Talent: The soldier goes through a series of subliminal therapy sessions, coupled with surgical memory implants, which instills a natural ability or “knack” in certain areas of knowledge (select one skill category, i.e., science, medical, etc.).  The soldier gets to select one additional skill from that category at levels one, three, six, nine, twelve and fifteen.  In addition, they will receive a bonus of +30% to any skills from that category!  If a weapons category, then they get an additional +2 to any applicable bonuses per weapon!  And if the physical category, then character not only gain +30% to any skills in that category, but will also receive double the normal bonuses from any of the skills (i.e., body building gives +4 P.S. and +20 S.D.C., etc.)!  Note: Hand to Hands and Ranged Combats do not get any additional bonuses.

06-10 Perfect Balance and Coordination: The soldier with this ability is how you say, naturally “graceful”.  They’ll have the finesse, balance and coordination of an olympic gymnast!  They can do things like, striding across a tightrope and not fall or forward flip onto a phone pole and land perfect without having to roll sense of balance!  The soldier will automatically get the Prowl, Acrobatics and Gymnastics skills with a bonus of +25%!  If they already have both skills, their skill percent becomes 98%!  They also can never be made dizzy, afraid of heights, and never need to roll sense of balance on any natural occurrences.  Add +8 (yes eight) to roll with punch/fall/impact and +4 to pull punch.

11-15 Physical Transformation and Perfection: The Super Soldier with this ability has their body physically altered to become the pinnacle of human perfection.  All diseases (including terminal diseases) are cured (for the moment at least, may return after 4D6 years, up to GM), hair fills (or falls out) were it’s supposed to, fat turns to muscle (or muscle grows), physical impairments or handicaps are relieved and scars fade!  Things like poor vision or bad teeth are corrected as well!  Also, add +1D4 to P.E., +1D4 to P.P., 1D4+6 to P.B., +1D6+4 to P.S., 2D6 to Hit Points and 4D6 to S.D.C.

16-20 Brain Implants: Surgical implants allow the soldier to develop “Mind over Matter” abilities that enhance and boost their immune system and metabolism.  The implants stimulate the neurological section of the brain that controls the immune system and metabolism.  They tell it to work faster and harder.  As a result, they will need to eat four times more than that of a normal person (because of the high metabolism) and need less sleep (only 4 hours per night).  The Soldier will be +8 to save vs. Diseases, Drugs, Chemicals, Toxins, Gases and Radiation.  And will heal 5 times faster than normal and will last twice as long in physical activities.  Add 1D6 to P.S., P.P., P.E. and Speed.  Also add 3D6 to S.D.C. and Hit Points.

21-25 Minor Psychic Ability: The experiment has given the soldier a small degree of psychic ability (whether or not this was intentional is up to the player and GM).  They get two Minor Psychic Abilities and an ISP pool of M.E.+5D6 (does not increase per level).  Selections may be made from Healer, Physical, Sensitive or they may select one psi power from the Mind Bleeder category.

26-30 Attempted Invulnerability: And it failed in a sense; what happened is the soldiers’ bones and flesh hardened!  This creates a side effect of having a natural A.R. of 13 and adds 4D4+8×10 to S.D.C.  Add 3D6 Hit Points and 2D4×10 pounds to weight (there cell structure is more dense, being heavier), but on the bright side add 1D4 to P.S., because they need to adjust to having this new weight.

31-35 Uncanny Targeting/Throwing: The character with this ability has developed a natural coordination and precision with using and tracking projectiles.  The character will be a natural with ranged weapons and will enjoy a bonus of +3 to strike with any projectile weapons (wild shots not possible), even when considered a wild shot (like being blinded or in the dark) they still get +1 to strike!  They can fire/throw two projectiles simultaneously (even when targeting two different targets they will be +2, normal bonus when it’s same target).  If they have a W.P. in the weapon they are using, then they get to add the previous bonus with their W.P. bonuses!

     The Soldier is also a natural at tracking projectile attacks, enjoying a special bonus of +4 to dodge (+2 to parry) thrown attacks and +2 to dodge (+1 to parry) bullets.  They also get an additional + 1 to all of these at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.

36-40 Enhanced Mind and Body Sync: Soldiers with this feature find that their mind and body work better, faster and more efficient with each other, than ever before.  As a result, their reflexes, alertness, precision and perception have all been enhanced.  Add a bonus of +6 on initiative, add 2 attacks per melee, +2 to strike, parry and dodge and they now have the Automatic Dodge ability at +3!

41-45 Increased Speed: The experiment was intended to increase not only the characters running speed, but also their general speed.  Triple final speed attribute, add 20 feet to jump across, +10 feet up and +2 to initiative, dodge and parry.

46-50 Increased Prowess: The experiment was intended to increase the characters’ agility, dexterity and combat prowess.  Add 1D4+6 to P.P., 2 attacks per melee, 20% to the Prowl, Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Climbing skills and the player may select any Hand to Hand of choice.

51-55 Increased Strength: The experiment was intended to increase the soldiers’ physical strength.  As a result, upgrade the soldiers P.S. to “Strong” and add 2D4+4 to it!  Also, add +2 to damage with all hand to hand attacks (in addition to any P.S. damage bonuses).

56-60 Increased Endurance: The experiment was intended to enhance the characters physical endurance and stamina.  Add a bonus of 2D4+4 to P.E. and the character will gain double the normal amount of Hit Points per level of experience.  They can also lift/carry things 4 times longer than before and can run at maximum speed for 1 hour per P.E. point!

61-65 Increased Intelligence: The experiment was intended to increase the characters overall wisdom and general intellect.  Raise the characters I.Q. to 18, and then add 2D4 to it.  If the I.Q was already higher than 18, then add 1D6+2 to it.  The Soldier also gets +1 to save vs. all types of Illusions and +2 to save vs. Horror Factors.  They will receive a bonus of +4 on all perception rolls and +5% to all skills.

66-70 Cybernetic Sensor Implants: Super Soldiers with this enhancement will have a series of implants that augment the characters' senses and generally instill abilities that would not be possible.  The following are implanted in the character:

Multi-Optic Lens Slits: This gives the soldier Nightvision and Thermo-Imaging, they have a range equal to their normal vision.  A Telescopic lens is implanted, allowing the soldier to see a pen up to 1 mile away, as if they were holding it in their hand.  And Macro lens is implanted allowing the soldier to see in “microscope vision” at a range of three feet.  Only one vision can be used at a time.  The lens’ are extremely fragile and look and feel similar to a contact lens.

Bug Detector: This implant will pick up radio signals from listening devices; a distinct “tingly” feeling alerts the soldier when a signal is detected.  Maximum range: 20 feet.

Psi Electro-Magnetic Dampers: These brain implants distort or “fog” telepathic and other probes.  Psychics get distorted readings when scanning soldiers with these implants.  Add +1 to save vs. all psychic attacks, +2 to save vs. possessions, +1 to save vs. all magic illusions and mind controls.  They also have two chances to save against any of the latter.

Radar Detector: This implant gives off yet another distinct “tingly” feeling, when being scanned by radar devices.

Ear/Mic Radio: Three implants are required, one near the eardrum, one that will replace one of the soldiers teeth and one near the temple.  Near the eardrum is a tiny speaker that is powerful and precise enough to work on levels only the soldier can hear.  The implant in the mouth is intended for the soldier to speak into; even a light whisper and clear voices up to six feet away can be transmitted.  Finally, near the temple, is the radio receiver and transmitter; placed there so that the brain can change frequency by thought.  Max range: 3 miles.

Direction and Time Chip: Not an implant but a micro chip linked to a “blank” lens slit, which is the only lens that can be used while others are being used.  It keeps track of time from year to 1/10,000 of a second!  It has a digital compass, which will always indicate the direction the soldier is facing.  These few small rows of info are “floating” in front of the soldier, just as the Multi-Optic Lens Slits have.

Motion Detector: Implanted in the character’s neck, it will warn with a “prickle” when movements within 60 feet of the soldier are made, via air vibrations.  This device has a on/off switch.  Add +1 on initiative/parry and +2 to dodge when on.

Internal Mini Comp/Calc: A great wonder of the microchip technology that has been made.  This chip is linked to the blank lens and will display information that is stored there (via text, made from thought) or solve math problems (all the way up to calculus).  It has a limited memory (2 MB) and can be turned off and on.

Bio Scan & Comp: A series of implants throughout the body are linked to a micro processor implanted in the soldier’s brain!  It keeps track of (and displays on the blank lens) the soldier’s respiration, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, blood loss, damage to internal organs, sugar level and the presence of foreign elements in the blood stream (poisons or toxins).  If they need to use first aid skill or someone else is tending to them, they will have +15% to their skill!

71-75 Kisentite Laced Bones: Or some similar hard metal (titanium or steel) is forged and/or merged with the soldiers’ skeleton to create a near unbreakable skeleton!  The soldier will get to upgrade their strength to “strong” as they adjust to their new weight (add 2D4+7×10 to weight).  They will now be able to attack hard objects with their bare body that have an A.R. of 16 or less and not take any damage.  Any attacks made to the soldiers’ brain (or similar section of the soldiers’ body) are ineffective, only inflicting tissue damage!  They take half damage from all kinetic or sonic attacks.  And now that there body is heavier, all non-projectile attacks are +5 to damage!  And finally, they get a bonus of +6 to save vs. pain!

76-80 Canine Genes Spliced: Soldiers with this option will undergo a series of gene therapy sessions where they will begin to develop canine (wolves, coyotes, jackals, fox, etc.) instincts, behaviors, abilities and traits.  When finished, they character will be a bit hairier and have pointed “fangs”, which inflict 2D4 damage with a bite.  They will be able to track by smell at 78% +3% per level and can recognize common scents (+6 on perception, give or take some, varies, GM’s discretion).  They have Limited Nightvision (about 50 feet) and will enjoy a leaping bonus of 5 feet up and 10 feet across.  They have Keen Hearing (about 2 times better than normal).  Add 2D4+12 to Speed and 1D4 to P.S.!  Add 1D4×10 pounds to weight (solid muscle).  Add +2 on initiative, +3 to strike and +2 to parry and dodge.  Most make grunts and growls every once in a while (especially in combat) and are even able to “pounce” targets (treat it as a body tackle with the character ending up on top of the victim able to bite with a +3 to strike)!  In the most severe cases the soldier exhibit canine like behavior patterns as a part of their normal life!

81-85 Feline (Predator) Genes Spliced: These experiments have been altered as above only with predatory feline genes.  Such animals include tigers, pumas, cougars, leopards, etc.  The character will have a Natural Climbing Ability 74% +3% per level and a natural instinct to stalk and prowl; Prowl at 72% +4% per level.  Add 1D4+2 to P.P., 1D4+4 to P.S. and 5D6 S.D.C.!  They will be extraordinary leapers (add 20 feet up and 40 feet across) and has natural Nightvision with a range equal to their day vision.  Add +3 on initiative and +3 to parry and dodge.  They have large fangs (3D4 damage), will be a bit hairier and have retractable claws (2D4 damage).  They can roar so loud it can be heard a mile away (has a Horror Factor: 8)!  They have a natural ability to Pounce, better than canines.  Treat like a body tackle, but it does 3D4 damage and they end up in a perfect position to bite or claw (+5 to strike)!  Also, add 1D4+7×10 lbs. to weight, which is solid muscle and add 1D6 inches to height!

86-90 Feline (Domestic) Genes Spliced: Like the previous mentioned only with cat like genes.  This includes the smaller felines, such as domestic cats, bobcats and serval.  Abilities include Natural Prowl of 88% plus 1% per level, Natural Climb at 80% plus 2% per level and Exceptional Balance and Agility (sense of balance at 98%); also add 1D4+4 to P.P. and 2D6 to speed!  They also have Nightvision (about 100 feet), Exceptional Normal Vision (2× better than normal humans) and can add a bonus of 5 feet straight up to leap distance and 10 feet across.  The character is now fairly thin with elegant features (and physically fit, with no increase in body hair), add 1D4 to P.B.!  They will also have Small Retractable Claws that inflict 1D4 damage.  Add +2 to strike, parry, dodge and initiative.  They can also Pounce, but it is less effective than there larger brethrens pounce; treat like a sweep/trip and the character will end up on top the victim able to slash or bite the victim a little easier (+1 to strike).

91-95 Enhanced Senses: The soldiers’ physical senses have been enhanced through genetic manipulation.  This has also instilled complete innate control of their senses.  Like, if they hear a gunshot close, they won’t go deaf with their enhanced sense of hearing.  The character can select two of the following with a single selection of this power or get all five selecting this option twice.  The character can choose from being able to see like an eagle (a pencil up to two miles away as if it were in his/her hand), hear like a bat (one decibel up to ten feet away), smell like a dog (track by smell 60% +5% per level and recognize common scent +4 to perception), has the touch like a bird (recognize texture/temperature by touch/ feel alone 50%+6% per level and +5% to skills requiring a very delicate touch) and an enhanced sense of taste that allows the soldier to recognize common ingredients automatically, they will recognize semi-common tastes (dirt, gasoline, paper, etc.) at 50% +5% per level and exotics (poisons, iron, dust, etc.) at 30% +5% per level.  Bonuses: Sight gets +4 to perception and +1 to strike, Hearing gets +4 to perception, +4 on initiative, +1 to parry and +3 to dodge, Smelling gets +2 on perception and +2 on initiative, Touch gets +1 to dodge and sad to say that Taste gets no bonuses.

96-00 Bionic Weapon Implants: There will be a small list of things the soldier can have implanted.  However, unlike the Bionics character, these weapons are not built into an artificial limb or body part.  These weapons are implanted into the live body part of the soldier.  This means the soldier doesn’t get anything hacked off or “replaced”.  The implants are activated by thought and will take one melee action to activate them.  The character can choose two of the following:

Retractable Blades: Three must be implanted per arm.  Each blade will do 2D4 damage and can be controlled so that they may use one, or two or all three!  Each will slide between the soldier’s knuckles, will measure from the soldiers’ middle of the wrist to almost the elbow (average length of about 1 foot) and are housed in ultra thin sheaths that break at the wrists.  They are very sturdy and cannot bend.  But if the metal used was not very good they can break.  If the player wants both arms to be equipped, they will need to get this feature twice (one for each arm).

Retractable Claws: With this implant the soldiers’ finger tip joints are equipped with metal, razor sharp nails/claws, which inflict 2D4 damage per hand.  These claws will exit right on top of the characters finger nails.  The soldier will get both hands equipped with this feature.  The number of claws used can be controlled and it adds +5% to climbing.

Retractable Tendrils: This implant, like the blades, will also be implanted in the arm of the Soldier.  They can have a “bird claw” type joints at the end (which will only do 1D6 damage with a whip attack) or can have a sharp end (tip, small blade or claw, etc.—it will still do 3D4 damage with an attack).  In any case, they can extend to 10× the length of the soldiers’ forearm (usually about ten feet), will extend from an opening slit on the wrist and are prehensile.  “Bird Claw” type ends can be used to pick things up and grab a hold of things (P.S. of 15), although they are not sharp.  Soldiers will receive a bonus of +3 to strike (plus P.P.) with these tendrils.  If a player wants both arms equipped, they must select this feature twice (one for each arm).  Each tendril has 40 S.D.C.

Electrical Discharge: A charge of electrical energy can be discharged from either (pick one) the hands or eyes.  The left and right had will count as one selection each and the eyes together count as one selection.  Maximum damage is 6D6, which can be controlled in increments of 1D6.  A stun charge (1D6 damage) can be done; it will have the same effect as if using a knock out attack in hand to hand combat.  Maximum range for this bolt is 100 feet.  If the hands are selected then the soldier can choose to electrify their hands, which will add the electricity damage to hand to hand combat, however, the character can only perform the stun attack by touch.  If the eyes are selected, they can perform the stun attack at the max range.  The maximum dice damage that can be inflicted per minute is equal to the subjects P.E.  For example, a P.E. of 12 means that they can only do up to 12D6 damage per minute.

Garrote Wire/Needle: A truly unique weapon, favored by assassins.  First, a needle that is connected to the end of a metal wire can shoot at a target and inject various drugs into them (takes one attack to shoot and retract).  Second, the wire is as thin as guitar stings and is implanted in the wrist in a “spool”.  The needle can be shot into another hole on the other wrist where it will lock there and then can be used to strangle others (1D6 Hit Points per attack).  Max length of the wire is 10 feet.  The soldier can put any chemicals, drugs or poisons in the needle.  A small container under the fore-arm houses the drugs.  When filled up (via injecting it in the container), they will have up to 5 “shots”.  Once shot out, the needle can be retracted fast, via a micro winding mechanism implanted in the wrist.  Note: If the soldier has the Electric Discharge implant, it’s possible to shoot a victim and while the needle is in them, shock them as well.