Victim O.C.C.:


†††† Ok, now, why play a Victim character?There is honestly no reason to play such a character other than itís an interesting change of pace.These characters are completely human with no special abilities, leaving them little chance of survival if the wrong situations arise.Initially, this O.C.C. was going to be reserved as a NPC class only, but after some careful thinking, it seemed that these characters might actually be fun to play.

†††† Essentially, every NPC with no powers is a Victim O.C.C.All the little people that the players characters will meet in any single adventure is a Victim O.C.C.


Victim O.C.C.

Also Known As: Mundanes, Civilians and Normals.

Alignment Restrictions: None.

Attribute Requirements/Bonuses:None.

O.C.C. Programs:The character may roll on the education table or if the GM allows it, they may select an appropriate Education Level to go with the characters' background.

Secondary Skills: Select 1D6+4.Some skills are not usually available as secondary skills, but MIGHT be made available if there is a reasonable explanation for it.