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If your here, I probably know you and have let you in on my site. To begin, this site will be about many of the things I love (mainly RPG's, movies, and drawing). And due to popular demand (mainly my IRL friends), I have included a page of only art work that me (and mainly) my brother have drawn. I hope you like it.

Enjoy and Remember: Please give kudos where kudos is due. Thanx. And thanx for visiting.

What's Up and What's New

Keep an eye out. There's more to come.

   1/23/04 Woot!  First time in a long time I updated!  Vampire stuff all over the place.  Still working on some stuff.  But their is a section dedicated to the "Vampire Council", specifically tailored to fit my BtS:R.  X-Corps and the super supernatural slaying agency soon to come!

   11/7/03 Just did a little touching up to my Ranged Combat and Hand to Hand Combat source material.

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It's Me!
No, seriously. If you know me from palladium chat this is funny.


Well, at least I tried to keep with the site.  Problem is my daily life.  *shakes fist violently at daily life*  Anyways, I promised classic matchups between video game characters and also promised a new question ever month.  Well, here's at least the new classic matchup for this month (runs through August =P.  And yes, this would be with both character's being at their maximum potential a neutral environment):
Monday, July 26, 2004 (Post comments and who you think would win on my message board):

Samus Aran (Metroid)  vs. The Master Chief (Halo)

Palladium Stuff . . . a small disclaimer
Once again, if you are here, then you probably know me. I would like to take a moment and create a small disclaimer. Any source material that I create is of my own brain and anything that is similar or exactly like the work of another writer or artist is entirely coincidental. Anything viewed here is NOT official Palladium source material and is posted here STRICTLY for personal use. If you would like OFFICIAL source material, you may go to the palladium books web site at:

My favorite movie of all time!
Yeah, check out this film. It rocks. If you want to learn more, you can go to:

He who laughs last.... is... still lauging. Hmph. That's wierd.