Personal Art
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The Following...
Is some art that my brother came up with. Mine is soon to come. I am hesitant to show more. If you feel that I should please sign my guest book and will get back to asap. Or sign it for general feedback as well.

The "Axeman"
This is some random sketch my brother drew. It has no basis or connection to anything. I thought it looked cool. And it's one of the only few pics he drew that he said I could let people see. He must've done this very basic sketch in like three mintues...its very primative sketch.

Yup. That cool ass guy from Street Fighter. One of my brother's favorite characters. His most favorite is Akuma, tho.
The Sword Warrior
Either my brother copied this from some magazine or he just felt like drawing some guy with a sword. In any case, I thought it looked cool. It has no story or anything to it.
That one chick...
Now this was pretty simple for my brother to draw. I think I see him draw this in like 2 minutes. Anyways, this shows his sense of anatomy (EXAGERRATED!!! :-P)
The Original: Demostar...
This drawing is the reason I am known as Demostar and the reason I am so avidly into Role Playing Games. It was my very first character I made, almost 12 years ago. It is a Stage Magician, that is now on 15th Level. The character has come far and has been thru a lot. And he bares the name--Demostar.
The Gil Hibben Dragon Lord Combat Knife
I frequently use this knife for any character I like that is into using there knives. I copied from a photo of the knife itself in a Gil Hibben catalog. For those of you who don't know, Gil Hibben is a master knife maker--YES, in real life. I personally don't think he is a "Master" Knife Maker, but he does have some decent and interesting designs.
The Rifle-Sword "Ryfword"
My own design and spin off FF8's Gunblade. This is basically a Sniper rifle version of it that fires 7.62 mm rounds. In rifts it is a Plasma rifle, that utilizes Naruni Enterprises' plasma cartridge technology.
Mutant on a Power Trip!
I like this drawing. My brother drew it WAAAAYYYYY back when me and him played HU. He actually copied it from an old Wizard magazine. It's cool and it's one of a very few that my brother did with some color.
"I am Your GOD!" -- Gil, Street Fighter Three: The New Generation
Yeah, this was actually a pose that my brother made into a comic book type drawing. It reminded me of that boss from SF3: The New Generations, Gil, when he says: "I am Your GOD!"
My Favorite Dragon Ball Z character, besides Kryllin. I like trunks he rocks.
An EXTREMELY COOL ASS DC comics character. I liked him in my youth, because when I was introduced to this character we were the same age (14!). And thats the reason I drew (copied, actually) this. I had to draw it bigger, because the actual source I copied from was like 4 inches by 4 inches.