Dante Seth (PC)
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5th Level Headhunter Assassin O.C.C. (Human Minor Psychic)
IQ: 22              ---Cybernetics---
ME: 22      -Thermo-Imaging/Night-Vision Eye (1600 feet),
MA: 7        -Toxic Filter (Filters all gases--80% vs. Nerve Gas)
PS: 16       -Amplified Hearing w/Sound Filtration System 68% (+1 parry, +2 dodge, +6 initiative)
PP: 25       -Garrote Wire (1D6 HP/+3 to hold)
PE: 17             ***Psi Powers (I.S.P.: 60)***
PB: 17       *Deaden Senses (160 feet/2D6 min./4 ISP/-1 vs.)
Spd: 20      *Telekenis (60 feet/10 min./3,8,8+1 ISP per 10 lbs.)
HP: 32       Bonuses to Save: Perception +5, Psychic Attack/Insanity +4, Coma/Death +10%,
SDC: 80         Poisons/Magic +1, Mind Control/Possession +6, Horror Factor +4.

Special Skills & Bonuses:

+2 to Disarm on Called Shots or in Hand to Hand Combat
+2 to Strike with ANY Called Shots
Recognize Weapon Quality 68%
Headhunters Find Contraband 71%
Special Contacts (Special)

Hand to Hand: Assassin  --  PP Bonus: +5
Attacks: 8    Initiative: +3    Damage: +5
Strike: +2    Parry: +2          Dodge: +2
Automatic KO/Critical: Natural 20
Roll with: +6        Pull Punch: +6

The following is a list of weapons Dante has in Rifts.  However, with a GM's approval -- he would have Halo weapons instead http://demostar.freeservers.com/catalog.html

*Two Modified MA5B Assault Rifles (Silenced/Barrel Shortened to be SMGs - 500 foot range; 10 clips)
*S2 AM Sniper Rifle (Silencer; 6 Clips)
*M6D Pistol (Silenced; 6 Clips)

  Real Name: Kael Kastre (But keeps this a guarded secret)
  *Alignment: Aberrant (with strong Scrupulous leanings)
  *Age: 21
  *Sex: Male
  *Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
  *Weight: 145 pounds
  *Ethnicity: Phillipino (if that matters)
  *Disposition: Tries not to have anything to say. Has a "Dog-eat-Dog" view of the world. Believes the ends justify the means and doesn't take shit from anyone. Tries and lets his actions speak louder than his words. Has a soft spot for women and especially children. He won't take any job requiring the death of children; he might take a job to take out a women--its conditional. He was born into the business by his father who has passed and he resents him for that, for he didn't want this job in the first place. But he will do it--since he is really good at it and he has to make a living. However, the pressure is getting to him, soon it will be too much to handle.
  *Weapon Proficiencies: Paired Weapons, Knife (+2 str/+2 pry/+2 thr), Auto Pistol (+4 aimed, +2 burst), Rifle (+4 aimed, +2 burst), Energy Pistol (+4 aimed, +2 burst), SMG (+4 aimed, +2 burst).
  *O.C.C. Skills: American 97%, Spanish 98%, Demongogian 98%, Dragonese/Elven 98%, Literacy: American 83%, Basic Math 98%, Radio: Basic 88%, Surveillance Systems 78%. Detect Ambush 73%, Intelligence 70%, Trap/Mine Detection 63%, Tracking 78%, Track Animals 73%, Streetwise 58%, Hovercycle 98%, Combat Driving (halves control roll penaltis), Boxing, Gymnastics (Balance 78%, Bars/Rings 80%, Flip 98%).
  *O.C.C. Related Skills: Wilderness Survival 73%, Blend 48%, Prowl 68%, Demolitions 88%, Lore: DB 68%, Lore: Demons/Monsters 68%, Vehicle Armorer 68%.
  *Secondary Skills: Lore: Vampires 58%, Demolitions Disposal 83%, Armorer/Field Armorer 73% (Basic Mechanics 83%), Sniper (+2 to aimed shots with Rifles).
  *Background History: Growing up the only son of an Assassin and a Special Forces Soldier for Wellington Industries, Kael Kastre had an unusual childhood. His mother, whom died in a covert operation for Wellington Industries, was a kind and loving mother to him despite the fact that she was a hardened grunt. After her death, Kael, age 12, had been taken to his father, whom he knew nothing about. While his mother trained him quite a bit in the art of war, his father changed all that by introducing him into the art of assassination. For 8 years, he grew up with a new identity, which his father demanded he have if was to survive as his son. Resenting his father for not letting Kael go his own way in life, he harbored all of the hate. For years he couldn't tell his father that he didn't want to kill, that it wasn't in his nature, that his mother taught him different--but he couldn't. His father was the only family he had. This would soon come to an end though.
    One day, Kael finally was taken on his first hit by his father. He didn't feel right, everything was out of place and his stomach felt so bad he needed to throw up. His father didn't tell him who was the mark, but he did tell him it was a female soldier. Feeling resentful that his mother didn't quit her military job to raise him respectfully, this hit would make Kael feel like it was justified that she was of no concern; that he could kill her and it would not make a difference. However, once Kael got into his position, he saw his mark--with her son.
    Kaels father standing right next to him, began to pester him to hurry up and get it over with, but Kael was nervous. All the memories of his mother and everything she meant to him flooded his mind. His sympathy fell to the child more so than anything else. For a second, he saw himself, and he saw that that boys mother needed him, and that she was making a living to provide for her son, despite what she does for a living. His thoughts strayed once again, when his father nudged him and pestered him to get it over with. He then layed his eyes on his father, a man who wanted Kael to grow up and just get out of his life. He looked at his father directly in the eyes and told him, "I'm not like you", then started to walk away. His father looked at his son and snickered, he then turned to the woman and shot her, point blank in the back of the head with his precision Wilk's Laser gun. She fell to the ground, as Kael turned around. His father's gun then leveled at the boy, as he said "second rule son, no witnesses..." Kael, without hesitation, drew his Wellington Industries SMG and fired a single shot splattering his brains all over the child. He then looked at the boy, seeing himself standing there scared, he walked over to him, pulled off his mask and apologized sincerely. As he walked away, he felt the worst he felt in his whole life. At the same time however, he felt a bit of relief; relief that his father no longer dictated his life--he felt free. He could finally move on with his life. Now the only question was how?

NG-H5 Holdout Ion Pistol

--Speed Holster (+3 to draw)
**1D4+1 MD
**200 ft. range
**6 shots per clip
**6 clips total

JA-11 Modified Juicer Assassin's Energy Rifle
*Laser Targeting:+3 strike
*Scope w/Cross Hairs:+1 strike
--Laser Shots:
    -4D6 or 2D6 MD
    -4000 ft. range
--Ion Blasts:
    -3D6 MD
    -1600 ft. range
--7.62mm Ramjet Rounds:
    -1 MD
    -1000ft. range
--Canisters: Has 2, ion blasts and 2D6 MD laser shots are one shot and 4D6 MD laser shots burn two shots

Two Silenced MP-23A Caseless SMG's
*Grip: +1 strike
--1 MD per shot
--100 rds. per clip
--1800 ft. range
--Always has 10 clips

Other Notable Stuff:

**NG-230 Prowler Hovercycle (MDC: 80/190 mph/+5% to pilot)
**NG Knock Off: Armored Trench Coat & Light Anti-Assassin Vest (MDC: 25-Coat - MDC: 15-Vest)
**LEWS-9 Light Environmental Wet Suit (MDC:45--Always has on)
**NG Survival Pack
**2 pt. canteen.

**Two Vibro Combat Knives (1D6 MD)