The Weapons of Halo
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I made these initally for Aliens Unlimited and Rifts as a company that sells only these... They can also fit nicely in Phase World. The MDC/SDC conversions are their for quick reference. If you have any questions or comments (even negative ones), please tell me. Post them on my message board. Thank you and enjoy!

M6D Pistol
The M6D Pistol is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed Semi-Automatic Pistol. The M6D comes with a smart-linked scope capable of 2x magnification. Because of this weapon's very gracious accuracy, it is favored for use in hitting small targets from far distances (for a handgun). This weapon is favored by assassins and soldiers alike for its accuracy and damage.

Weight: 2 lbs.
Cartridge: 12.7 mm (.50) semi-armor-piercing, high explosive rounds.
Effective Range: 300 feet.
Penalty: -1 to strike per 20 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 6D6 (2D6 M.D. Ramjet in Rifts).
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto.
Fire Speed: Slow.
Payload: 12 rounds.
Special Features:
1. Smart-Link Scope: The Smart Link Scope is specifically designed to link to the SPARTAN II H.U.D. It links via radio frequency, giving the user control over the weapons motion tracker floating crosshairs. It has a 2x magnification allowing the weapon user to fire more accurately at targets at further distances. The systems chip calculates the necessary angle to fire the weapon at father targets and places the crosshairs accordingly, allowing accurate (albeit possibly less damaging) shots are very far distances. An infrared laser distancer assists the crosshairs at far distances, showing targets out of range of the weapon. The laser distancer's maximum range of 2000 feet. Even when the Smart-Link system is not used, the actual scope still has crosshairs on the lens enabling at least some accuracy bonuses. Bonuses: +3 to strike when the Smart-Link system is used. And +1 to strike when not in use.
2. Superior Balance: The weapon's weight distribution gives it superior balance. As long as the weapon is held correctly, it does not feel front heavy or back heavy. And even though the slide of the weapon is slightly heavy, the position of its handle and trigger guard weigh the weapon down perfectly. Bonuses: +1 strike. Note: Adding anything (recoil-diminisher, silencer, etc.) will screw up the balance of the gun, negating the bonus. However, additional weight may be added to counteract this problem, but it takes a long time (days) and must be done by weapons engineers. The weapon was made with precision by engineers and must therefore be modified accordingly.
Cost: (20,000 Credits in Rifts).
MA5B Assault Rifle
This rifle is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires your basic 7.62 mm armor-piercing rounds. Rate of fire is limited solely by a soldier's ability to aim, fire and change magazines. Short, controlled bursts, rather than fully automatic fire, tend to be more accurate and generally saves bullets. The rifle also has a Digital Ammunition Counter and Compass. Because the rifle still fires rounds that have an impact, it is a favorite of all manner of soldiers. The only disadvantage is probably its lack of specially made features for it. However, if one is looking for a sturdy, reliable assault rifle, this is it.

Weight: 7 lbs.
Cartridge: 7.62mm short armor-piercing rounds.
Effective Range: 1000 feet.
Penalty: -1 to strike per 100 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 4D6 (1D6 M.D. Ramjet in Rifts).
Rate of Fire: Fully Auto only.
Firing Speed: Fast.
Payload: 60 rounds.
Special Features:
1. Digital Ammunition Counter: A digital counter is linked to specially made clips that keep track of ammunition in the clip--allowing the user to see the amount of ammo in the clip.
2. Digital Compass: A basic unit that is that digitally shows the direction one is facing at all times. The read out is a small letter above the ammunition counter.
Cost: (30,000 Credits in Rifts).

M90 Shotgun
The M90 is a pump-action magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detachable type) weapon. It fires the biggest shotgun shell to ever be conceived--the 8 gauge magnum round. As with all shotguns this shotgun is extremely effective at close range, but loses its potential the further away the target and the shotgun are. As a long-range weapon, if the scattershot are used, it can be used as a medium range weapon hit several targets grouped together simultaneously, however at long range the spray area gets really wide and the damage is severely diminished.

Weight: 7 lbs.
Cartridge: 8-gauge magnum (3.5") shells.
Effective Range: 200 feet for Solid Slugs; 50 feet for Scatter-shot.
Penalty: -1 to strike and -1D6 damage per 20 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 7D6 for Solid Slugs; 6D6 for Scattershot (5D6 M.D. Ramjet Solid Slugs; 4D6 M.D. High Explosive Pellets in Rifts).
Rate of Fire: Single Shot only.
Firing Speed: N.A.
Payload: 12 slugs.
Special Features:
1. Absolute Range: Point blank range is normally 10 feet. However, for this weapon point blank range is 20 feet. Also, because of the nature of shotguns, there is no range penalty up to its effective range.
2. Superior Impact: The huge 8-gauge magnum round that this shotgun fires packs a huge wallop. Double the normal roll for Knockdown from impact. And because of the 8-gauge's massive impact, a larger whole in a target is bore, because of more tissue damage being inflicted by the impact.
Cost: (60,000 Credits in Rifts).
S2 AM Sniper Rifle
Another gas-operated magazine-fed weapon. It comes also with a smart-link scope with a 2x and 10x magnification. As an added bonus, the scope comes with a Nightvision capability--making for one of the best, top of the line quality, precision sniper weapons. Its huge 14.5 mm fin-stabilized round makes for excellent range and which can drill through many surfaces. Because of the unique round the rifle fires, silencers and flash suppressors cannot be added to the weapon. Though silencers and flash suppressors cannot be added to the rifle, it still is a personal favorite of assassins and military snipers the world over.

Weight: 13 lbs.
Cartridge: 14.5mm armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot rounds.
Effective Range: 5000 feet.
Penalty: -1 per 200 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 7D6 (4D6 M.D. Ramjet in Rifts).
Rate of Fire: Single Shot only.
Firing Speed: N/A.
Payload: 4 rounds (Cycling a new round takes up one action).
Special Features:
1. Smart-Link Nightvision Scope: This scope has the same properties and functions the same as the Smart-Link Scope that the M6D has. Except for the fact that this scope has a Nightvision system as well (2000 ft. and Thermo-imaging in Rifts) and has a 2x and 10x magnification. The laser distancer has a maximum range of 10,000 feet. Bonuses: +3 to strike when the Smart-Link system is used. And +1 to strike when not in use.
2. Superior Balance and Grip: Like the handgun as well, this weapon also has Superior Balance. However, it has an added bonus feature that enhances its accuracy greatly. Combined with Superior Balance, the weapon also has excellent handle grip (comfortable too) and the padded butt of the rifle confers the user with precision aiming. Bonuses: +2 to strike.
3. Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot Rounds: The sabot piece combined with the fin-stabilizers and the long barrel make this weapon possibly the farthest firing sniper rifle in the world. Because of superior bullet spin from the sabot piece, the bullet has a tendency to drill through a target, effectively lowering the A.R. of a target by 2.
Cost: (50,000 Credits in Rifts).

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
The M19 is a man-portable, shoulder-fired rocket launcher that is self-loading; it has two major components, the launcher and the magazine. The magazine (the expendable part of the launcher) contains two 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive rockets. It is designed for fast, easy detachment when having to reload. When the magazine is in, the twin barrels revolve in a circle (similar to a revolver pistol) and switch position so the magazine can drop the second rocket into the barrel ready for firing. The launcher also comes standard with a simple scope capable of 2x magnification.

Weight: 20 lbs. -- 25 lbs. fully loaded.
Cartridge: 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive rockets.
Effective Range: 5000 feet (1 Mile in Rifts).
Damage: 1D6x10 (1D4x10 M.D. Mini Missile in Rifts).
Blast Radius: 10 feet.
Rate of Fire: Single Shot only. However, because of the fast automatic cycling of a new rocket, it is possible to wait for the next rocket to load and fire it in the same attack. It will count as a wild shot though.
Firing Speed: N/A.
Payload: 2 rounds.
Special Features:
1. Scope: Though not a smart-link scope, this scope is still very useful. It has a 2x magnification ability and crosshairs. Bonuses: +1 to strike.
Cost: (25,000 Credits in Rifts for the Launcher by itself. 1000 Credits per empty magazine and 500 Credits per missile).
Plasma Pistol
A unique Plasma Pistol that opposes the norm for energy weapon design. Instead of an e-clip, this nifty weapon is an e-clip in and of itself. More like it is many e-clips. It is made to be specifically a non-reloadable, semi-automatic, lightweight, versatile combat pistol. Although, compared to most plasma weapons, this gun does relatively less damage, it has abilities that more than make up for it. Its ability to create a homing plasma blast is the feature that most like about the weapon. Its only drawbacks are that it tends to overheat when abused and takes 10 hours to recharge! In general, this weapon is favored among mercenaries and bounty hunters for its non-reloadable feature.

Weight: 5 lbs.
Cartridge: Light Green Plasma Shots.
Effective Range: 500 feet.
Penalty: -1 per 25 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 3D6 (M.D. in Rifts).
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto.
Firing Speed: Slow.
Payload: 100 shots.
Recharge: Approximately 6 minutes per shot. Once the pistol is depleted of all its energy, the weapon needs a recharge. It can recharge at any place where e-clips recharge.
Special Features:
1. Homing Charge: The Plasma Pistol naturally charges its Homing Charge when the trigger is held down. This powerful blast does 3D6x5 damage, burns up 10 shots and takes a full attack per melee to charge. The charge is held together via ion and electric energy and as a result will be able to slightly track targets that have electromagnetic energy in them. Bonuses: +1 to strike on aimed shots.
2. Charged Blasts: Smaller versions of the Homing Charge can be made by holding the trigger down for a shorter duration of time. This blast does not get the benefit of a homing charge though, but it does do a bit of extra damage without having to expend extra ammunition. For each +1 damage added, a -1 to strike will apply--up to 6 damage may be added (in the mix of things it may be appropriate to roll an extra D6). For purposes of attacks, Charged Blasts are considered single shots.
3. Overheating: Because of the ability to charge shots and to fire semi-automatic, this weapon tends to overheat. When this happens the weapon automatically ceases functioning for one attack per melee. Three conditions make the pistol overheat: One, firing the Homing Charge. Two, firing a semi-automatic burst totaling 12 shots or more in two attacks per melee (or 7+ shots in one attack). Three, firing two or more charged blasts in two attacks per melee.
Cost: (40,000 Credits in Rifts).

Plasma Rifle
Nearly the same as the Plasma Pistol, minus the feature to charge a blast, the Plasma Rifle is still quiet formidable. It has the same recessive trait of overheating as its pistol cousin, but makes up for it in other aspects. It is heavier and bulkier than the pistol as well, but also packs more of a punch. Overall, the Plasma Rifle is generally regarded as a weapon that has great advantages in its own right. Over the Plasma Pistol, the Rifle is favored for its superior range, even though it is just slightly bulkier than the Pistol.

Weight: 12 lbs.
Cartridge: Blue Plasma Shots.
Effective Range: 2000 feet.
Penalty: -1 per 50 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 5D6 (MD in Rifts).
Rate of Fire: Fully Auto.
Firing Speed: Moderate.
Payload: 200 shots.
Recharge: Same as the Plasma Pistol.
Special Features:
1. Anti-Recoil Balanced: A unique aspect of this weapon is that despite the fact that it fires a more damaging plasma shot than the Plasma Pistol, for some reason, the amount of energy necessary to do the damage it does combined with the rifle's unique structure make it nearly recoilless. It has the same kick as a BB gun! Bonuses: +1 damage multiplier on burst shots.
2. Overheating: Like the pistol, the Plasma Rifle overheats too. However, there is only one condition in which this will happen. If firing more than 25 shots in two attacks, this rifle overheats and is dysfunctional for one attack per melee, while it dumps excess heat.
Cost: (40,000 Credits in Rifts).
A unique weapon, the Needler is by far the strangest gun in the entire lot here. It shoots super sharp, fragile glass shards (M.D. shards in Rifts) that hold a small amount of compressed ion and electric energy. When the shards hit they crack and a few seconds later, the compression of ion and electrical energy explode. When large amounts of needles are fired into a target the result is a larger explosion from a large amount of electric energy being released. In larger explosions, a interesting side effect is that the needles set off a small electromagnetic pulse. Although useful, this can be hazardous, especially if standing too close when the EMP goes off. However, with experience, the pulse can be used to its maximum effect.

Weight: 13 lbs.
Cartridge: Purple Explosive Ion Homing Needles.
Effective Range: 3000 feet.
Penalty: -1 per 100 feet beyond Effective Range.
Damage: 1 point of damage for hitting and 1 point explosion. Every 7 needles does an extra 7 damage (M.D. in Rifts).
Blast Radius: 5 feet per 7 needles.
Delay: Up to a set of 7 needles explode after 1 attack.
Rate of Fire: Fully Auto.
Firing Speed: Moderate.
Payload: 21 needles. (Yes, I realize the real Needler only has 20 shots, but for simplicity purposes, this was easier).
Special Features:
1. Explosive Homing Ammunition: Like the Plasma Pistol's Homing Charge the Needler's needles also have the homing ability. However, since the needles have double the electrical and ion charge as the Plasma Pistol's Homing Charge, they track the same targets even easier. Bonuses: +2 to strike on all shots.
2. Electromagnetic Pulse: When the target is the victim of at least 14 needles, the release in ion and electrical energy causes a temporary short in any of the targets electrical equipment for one attack per melee. When the entire 21 shots (or more) are shot into a target, the EMP has a blast radius of 5 feet.
3. Metal Ricochet: Shooting the needles at metal targets will only stick if a natural roll of 10 is rolled. Otherwise, the lot of the needles ricochet off the target. However, they still explode and the EMP effect still works.
Cost: (25,000 Credits in Rifts; 200 Credits per Box of 100 Needles or 2 Credits per Needle in Rifts).

M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade
Your basic Fragmentation Grenade, except this one is a bit more sophisticated. It has a module that allows for selecting a mode of delay. When the grenade is grabbed, the thrower may choose a mode (this does not burn an attack).

Weight: 1 lbs.
Blast Radius: 25 feet.
Damage: 2D4x10 (1D4x10 MD in Rifts).
Delay: Impact, 1 attack or 2 attacks selectively.
Special: None.
Cost: (300 Credits per Grenade in Rifts).

Plasma Grenade
A very hand weapon indeed. This unique grenade is home to a unique system that "sweats" a sticky substance and at the same time becomes magnetic once it leaves the users hand. It is favored among soldiers and mercenaries for this purpose.

Weight: 0.9 lbs.
Blast Radius: 15 feet.
Damage: 1D6x10 (5D6 MD in Rifts).
Delay: 1 attack or 2 attacks selectively.
Special: Sticks to target if tossed (PS of 20 needed to pull off), bounces once if thrown.
Cost: (500 Credits per Grenade in Rifts).

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