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Stuff I Like (or thought was funny)...
Here you'll find pictures I like, I have yet to post any of my art work (or, regretfully, my brother's), but they are coming soon. I am, however, considering giving that it's own page.

Eve 6 - My favorite band.

A friend sent me this. God, (no pun intended--well, I guess pun can be inten--ah, nevermind.) it makes me laugh.

Sublime - My second most favorite band.

So true...

My 3rd most favorite band. :-P

Me and Me Mother.

Just a little reminder. It's the American way. =P

He sure did...

Ok, this one is a little obscene. If you are under the age of 18, don't click this.

Hehe... Hey, don't argue! I didn't create man--YOUR God did. =P