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Source Material . . .
Here you will find a list of some of the source material I wrote. Most of it is wrote with my players and my type of GMin in mind. So, if you wanna understand my style of gaming better, check it all out. More source material is soon to come. I hope you like it.

Some rules of note when you read my source material...

1. The Magic Rule: In my games I have made spell casting very simplified. Anything having to do with P.P.E. will go like this: In one attack a mage can cast a spell costing 5 P.P.E. per level. An "Instant" doesn't burn an attack if the spell costs 1 P.P.E. per level. One "Instant" can be cast per every other level in a single attack. So, a 3rd level Mage has the choice of casting a spell up 15 P.P.E. in one attack or can cast two instants per attack that cost up to 3 P.P.E. Note: When using one Instant the character may still have full bonuses to whatever they were going to do in that attack/action.

2. The Psionic Rule: Minor Psi Powers: 3 ISP per level can be activated in one attack. Major/Mind Bleeder Powers: 10 ISP per level in one attack. A psychic can Instantly (doesn't burn an attack) activate psi powers, as long as the cost is three times the maximum possible to cast "in one attack".



This is just some random pic I got from the net. I thought it looked cool so, I posted it here.

The Most Basic Source Material I Can Offer:
Hand to Hand Combat: My personal revision of hand to hand combat. I thought palladium hand to hand combat had a lot of holes in it and it made me kinda make my own version. In this one you'll find new rules and a new approach to combat. BE WARNED: This is only the "Rules"--the actual Hand to Hands I had to revise as well. They are posted below.
Hand to Hands: This is the ever so handy complete and utter overhaul of the various forms of Hand to Hand combat. It is the companion to the Hand to Hand Combat Rules. It is also compatible with all games and it includes a completely new Hand to Hand, Hand to Hand: Brawler (Completely compatible with all games as well).
Ranged Combat: This was presented in one of the Rifters. I thought it was great for Palladiums system. But for mine. It just didn't cut it. So, I completely rehauled this one too. It includes a more indepth look at the Ranged Combat and optional conversion and addition rules for use with Heroes Unlimited.
Game Master Reference Pages:

Other Material:
This is the best thing I have done for the Human Race. It is a expanded revised version of the section found in the Lone Star book. It is fitted to be used with my game. So, as a result, adjustments had been made. It is still great to use as another option to getting psychic powers in Rifts or just dropping it into any game.
Notable Palladium Fantasy Changes:

The Super Soldier:
As the introduction will tell, I was COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY NOT SATISFIED with the Super Soldier Option in HU. So, I completely rehauled it. My version offers 20 different types of abilities to choose from along with more sub categories within each ability, as well as the option to make an "all abilities super soldier" (i.e. no super powers). Some of the more famous Super Soldier Options seen in comics or movies are now available, too. A MUST for any HU fan.
The Slayer:
Yeah, I had to do this one too. HU was asking for it. They seriously needed this character. Think about it, they are basically Combat Mages! Loads of fun in HU. One of my personal favorites to play in HU (Stage Magician being #1).
The Ancient Master & Martial Arts Master:
Since, completely rehauling hand to hand combat, I have had to make a few adjustments to the power categories that get special hand to hand combats--namely, this one and Physical Training. Beyond that, I have revised this Ancient Master to have more of a Ninjas & Superspies esque and have added the optional power category: Martial Arts Master, which is basically what an Ancient Master is before they get the "Ancient" status. (I felt this option was left out).
Physical Training:
This is one I have really been putting off for a long time, mainly because I thought it would be difficult to revise using my combat rules. However, I came to find out that it was a snap. I also fine tuned the category to be more "Physical Training" like, while cutting down all the errata that really wasn't necessary in the original category. I have added a few abilities I thought they should have also. I hope they are more enjoyable now.
Secret Operative Alternatives:
I really felt that the Secret Operative characters in Heroes Unlimited were just fine the way they were, but other characters with similar backgrounds, with different focuses, however, were desperately needed. As a result, I created four characters that had a focus on just skills, each has their own special focus, with no special abilities or skills (mostly).
The Super Sleuth:
The Super Sleuth to me should have some incentive other than being a kick ass hacker. To me... NO CHARACTER/POWER CATEGORY should be so one sided... so 'set'. So, I spiced things up since the coming of the Powers Unlimited book. I gave them almost an exact copy of the Criminal Intuition power... and a few other 'goodies' that many should enjoy. It adds some flavor -- I also made it optional as to which abilities they can get... with my new revisions you can pick your abilities and customize your character. I hope you guys enjoy it!

FOR HEROES UNLIMITED -- But made for Beyond the Supernatural: Revisited -- (Do not click, this is not a URL)

Vampires revisited. A closer look into what vampires would really be like. From what I have been told, my revised version seems a lot like the vampires from Vampire: The Masquerade--in actuality I modeled the revisions mostly after the movie Blade--with a few personal touches of my own.
Being that I revised vampires, modeling them after Blade, I had to revise Wampyr's modeling them after Blade as well. I personally feel that these Wampyrs are a lot more versatile and three dimensional than the tired old half breeds Palladium presents (not that it wasn't a cool ass concept they had--good job guys).


New/Revised HU Skills:
Some are my own, some are skills other people came up with. But in general, most have been modified. These skills should enhance any HU game.
Heroes Unlimited Revised Skill List:
I felt this had to be done, it was done in HU GM's Guide, and it has helped me a lot. Included are the new skills and the level advancement for W.P.'s.
New/Revised Education Level List/Skill Restrictions:
Since I wrote new skills and since new restrictions had been placed on certain skills, I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of ALL the skill programs (old, new and revised) and what each education level is restricted to. I also revised the secodary skill restriction section. I thought some skills should have been secondary and some should not be available. After all, secondary skills are skills that are not learned through teaching from an expert/professional.
New & Revised Super Powers:
Just a few new powers I thought HU left out or plain simply needed. Plus some revisions on some of the powers in HU that I thought needed revising.

Juicers for Heroes Unlimited! That's right. Someone had to do it sometime. Full rules on how to make Juicers as an optional Super Soldier Experiment! Conversion rules, optional background, special skill modifications and even detox!
The Juicer Variants: The above gives you the basics. This gives you that actual list of powers for the Juicers (basically the O.C.C. section). You need this to make a Juicer.

Supernatural/Paranromal Organizations: A good companion if you are gonna throw Slayers into your game. You can turn HU into a Monster Slaying type game! Vampire type creatures, Lycanthropes, all that fun stuff! Hunt'em, Slay'em and hunt some more! Or in the alternative (the real reason I wrote this), it can be a BtS companion (really I rewrote this as a revision for BtS, from the Boxed Nightmares Sourcebook--hey it was like out of date).
Long Bowman OCC Revisions & Cross Bowman OCC: I personally felt that the special skills that the Longbowman OCC in the Palladium Fanatasy RPG had were underated and just plain not good enough. They should be BAD ASS with a Longbow! For Christs Sake its there Weapon Specialty! The following details a special type of combat that Long Bowman get.  As well it details my house rules for penalties to attack and defend against various projectiles.  The last part is an optional OCC I created -- The Cross Bowman.