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About Revisions...

   Initially, I wanted to overhaul Beyond the Supernatural so that it would have a lot more variety with new character classes and expanded ones, plus a few unique ones. What I had come to find out is that it became too expanded and so powerful with character classes that the horror element died. I have since then thought about ways I could improve on it. I recently GMed a Beyond the Supernatural game for a couple of my IRL buddies. I didn't have any of my revisions complete yet, so I just winged together a few notes that could be used to create make-shift characters that would fit in Beyond the Supernatural. To my surprise, these very general and broad categories worked extremely well as characters and were powerful enough that my players liked how they were and could easily keep track of their development without being so powerful that the horror element was lost. It became clear to me that I didn't need more character classes, just a few good ones that have the versatility to make very custom characters. And at the same time, keep balance in Beyond the Supernatural. What follows are my unique rules, O.C.C.'s, P.C.C.'s and other things that I will be using as I revisit Beyond the Supernatural.

   A FINAL NOTE: You will need a copy of Heroes Unlimited or similar palladium base book to make any characters in Beyond the Supernatural: Revisited. Things like skill descriptions, weaponry, equipment, spells, psi-powers, etc. will all be described in Heroes Unlimited or other palladium base book.

A New World

   In Beyond the Supernatural there are only two types of characters you can make; Psychics and Humans. All are considerably less powerful than the creatures, monsters and supernatural you will encounter. Generally, Beyond the Supernatural is about contemporary Horror in our modern world. Before making a character it should be known that all P.C.C.'s start with 20 S.D.C. and all O.C.C.'s start with 30 S.D.C. Experience Tables are different for each, but there are only two. P.C.C. Experience Tables and O.C.C. Experience Tables. As for Secondary Skills, all characters in Beyond the Supernatural get an additional two secondary skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 (just like in Heroes Unlimited).

   In my particular Beyond the Supernatural there will be more "supernatural busting" and while still retaining the same amount of "paranormal investigating". You could say it is X-Files, meets Blade or Resident Evil (with only about half the action though). A similiar RPG does exist that has the same exact concept for the setting of my Beyond the Supernatural: Revisited. An article written illustrates the basic setting and is told from the viewpoint of a "Hunter" (equivalent title in BtS:R is a "Paranormal / Supernatural Investigator / Slayer"). Disclaimer: The RPG called Lore: Hunters is by no means owned, partially or wholely by myself, and the material referenced that follows is only an illustration to a similiar setting concept I unofficially play. Lore: Hunters

Horror & Sanity

New Horror Factor and Insanity Rules

Supernatural & Paranormal Agencies

Beyond the Supernatural Paranormal Agency Creation Rules

Education & Skills in Beyond the Supernatural

Education Tables & Skill Programs List

Beyond the Supernatural Complete Skill List

New & Revised Skills in Beyond the Supernatural

Vampires & The Wampyr R.C.C.:

All information can be found on the Source Material Page and on the Conciliu Lamiam Page

Psychic Character Classes:

The Cursed Psychic P.C.C.

Latent Psychic P.C.C.

Physical Psychic P.C.C.

Psi-Sensitive P.C.C.

Psi-Tech P.C.C.

Occupational Character Classes:

Acolyte O.C.C.

Antinatural O.C.C.

Human O.C.C.

Sorcerer O.C.C.

Victim O.C.C.