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     There are 8 clans the world over; each of which has their own history, culture, strengths, weaknesses and variations.  All have a symbol to signify their clan affiliation and to mark familiars with (so other vampires don't feed off of them).  The following is the list of all the clans of the Conciliu Lamiam (Vampire House).  It will note each clan and what they are generally about, along with the special abilities of each clan.  The final clan, Clan Mogwari, will be detailed in another page.  It is a special clan of vampire that deals with more than just the Council, it deals with a war immortal.

Clan Alverna

   This marking signifies vampires of the Alverna Clan. Deeply rooted and rich in history, members of the Alverna Clan, usually end up being Librarians, Historians, Antiquarians, Archeologists and similar jobs that emphasize vampire history and culture. Because usually they do not engage in regular feedings (like their brethren), Alverna are the only clan members that are able to store blood to feed on later. This becomes especially useful, for those in 'field' works, such as archaeologists, who usually have little time to feed.
   Ever since the first were created in Rome right about the time of Julius Caesar's reign, they have kept careful track of Alverna history, making note of anything they can conclude about their own weaknesses, strengths, powers and abilities. Their accuracy of Alverna history (and select other clans) can be traced back to a single individual reported to be the first Alverna vampire. The name Alverna actually comes from the first vampire of the clan, Alverna (this is a rich tradition in vampire culture), the founding member.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Blood Storage: Over the years, members of the Alverna have evolved, because of their nature, to the point that they are able to store blood for later consumption. Alverna are the only vampire clan able to drink a dead person's blood (normally vampires are not able to drink the blood of the dead--if they do so, the effects are the same as what garlic does to them).
* Mistmorph: No one knows why Alverna vampires developed this ability, but it has proved to be a very useful. Able to morph into mist at will, this power does have its limitations. Once they use the power, they must wait a certain amount of time until they may use it again. When morphing, how ever long they stay in a mist form is the amount of time they must wait to use the power again, once they turn back to vampire form. In their mist form, a vampire moves at a speed of 12, is +10% to prowl skill and can't physically touch anything. The only thing that can hurt them, at this point, is magic and sunlight. Anything or object they either were wearing or carrying at the time of morphing, also turns into mist.

Clan Celespire

   It is speculated that the clan known as the Celespire Clan is the oldest vampire clan to exist. Confirmation from the Alverna Clan seems to lean in favor of a confirmation that this is true. It is, for now at least, just a speculation. However, the Alverna are fiendishly working around the clock to confirm this as myth or fact. If it is true, then it is the Celespire who created all the other clans. Some interesting facts lean in favor of this myth.
   The Celespire clan, who hail from England (and sometimes a few Irish, Celtic or similar from that area), claim they are in fact, the oldest clan. They also claim that they granted themselves the power of vampirism and also claim that their current clan leader, who claims to be Celespire himself, is the oldest vampire to exist (this seems very likely, since no other vampire in the world has been able to successfully dominate this ancient).
   Celespire clan members have a very unique power, the ability to perpetually reincarnate their soul when they die. This ability is kept as a guarded secret from the other clans and from nearly everyone, period. Had other vampires found out of this ability it would breed jealously and fear among other vampire clans, not to mention vampire slayers out there would love to have this info to exploit.
   As far as politics go, the Celespire hold the most influential positions in the world, or at least hold the most influence on a lot of men and women in power, the world over. It is because of the Celespire that many vampires are able to do things that normally would get them killed. They are also the reason why vampires are able to live among humans without local governments, law enforcement agencies and militaries actively hunting them or, in the worst case, creating special task forces dedicated to hunting vampires.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Perpetual Reincarnation: The Celespire's most guarded and cherished secret is their ability to perpetually reincarnate.  If any Celespire is killed, their soul is reincarnated into one of the lady members of their clan.  This clan member will carry the baby in secret, with the help of the Celespire.  For many millennia now, the Celespire have been able to keep their greatest power secret.  However, times are changing and with each passing century, the ability to hide this power became harder.  Even with the oath all Celespire undertake (to never feed unless they are ready to kill and never to create another Celespire, without the approval of all Celespire members), with the rise in anti-vampire activity it has been hard on the Celespire.
* Psychically & Magically Inclined: Celespire members have a distinct advantage of a natural affinity for psychic energy (magic or psychic).  They are the only clan that may have full use of any psi powers or spell magic that they may have had in their prior life.  Furthermore, Celespire members may select a P.C.C. or a Sorcerer type O.C.C. to advance in, if they so choose.  They will gain all the bonuses, skills and powers of that class.
o  Weak Heart: Celespire members have a single weakness--the heart.  Their heart is very weak.  There are loads of speculations about why this is, but no vampire (or anyone else for that matter) has ever come up with a solid conclusion.  In any case, Celespire hearts have only half the S.D.C. of a normal vampire and they do not gain additional S.D.C. to their heart as they go up in levels!

Clan Kashe

   Officially a North American clan, the Kashe are said to have originated in Mexico. Kashe members are the least interested in their history or the culture of vampires. Frequently, the Kashe Clan has been a thorn and an annoyance to the vampire nation in general. Because, the Kashe can be frequently found being leaders of gangs, mafias and many other criminal backgrounds, they get in the most trouble and are the most concern to the vampire nation.
   Kashe members have an affinity for big cities and because of their exceptional (even for a vampire) attributes and their ability to regenerate even better than normal vampires; they tend to be very cocky and arrogant. For this reason, they can frequently be found in criminal occupations. They are also the clan who make very heavy use of their ability to create familiars--this is also of concern to the Conciliu Lamiam.
   When the Kashe are called upon to duty by the Conciliu, they are usually, enforcers, thugs (in the eyes of vampires), assassins, bodyguards and similar ruffian type jobs.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Supernatural Strength: Kashe are blessed with not only their strength considered to be supernatural, but the fact that if it was not, they would still be stronger than most other vampires are.  A Kashe strength is considered supernatural, in addition they have an additional 10 points added to their strength!
* Exceptional Prowess: Kashe members are blessed once again with being exceptional fighters.  They gain an additional +5 to Physical Prowess attribute, 1 additional attack per melee and +4 on all initiative rolls.
* Hyper Regeneration: Unusual among vampires is an increase in their ability to regenerate.  The Kashe are the lucky few.  Add a bonus of regenerating an additional 1D6 S.D.C. per melee and an additional 1 point per melee for the heart.
o  Hyper Vulnerable: Kashe Clan members, although physically the most powerful vampires of all, have one drawback--they're hyper sensitive to all of the vampire vulnerabilities!  Everything that hurts a vampire normally does double the damage or effects it would normally do, but only to Kashe!

Clan Kausti

   An odd Clan, even to vampires, is the Kausti Clan. Traces of their origins and history are completely a loss to them, they have managed to survive for a very long time. It's to their sadness that just recently (well just recently to vampires anyways), their founder was killed. Kausti, a female Kausti vampire would not tell her brethren of their origins and history, for reasons that she refused to convey. Upon her death 120 years ago, all Kausti members have been getting really friendly with the Alverna Clan in trying to find out where they come from and who they are. In recent years, the Alverna have uncovered some interesting things about Kausti history. It seems that Kausti herself was pretty old and was a 'chosen one' of sorts.
   Kausti originally was an aborigine native of Australia back in the late 1300's. Her tribe mystic prophesized that Kausti would become a great leader in her clan despite her young age. Kausti was supposed to lead her clan into a great battle by the age of 10. The prophecy went on to tell that Kausti would also live to long years and do great things. All of this was true, but it also seems that life itself has a sense of humor.
   Ten years old, Kausti is hunting and on the trail of some great food for the clan. She is ambushed and injured by her very prey, but by the time her clan mystic shows up, she is already passing on into the afterlife. Her parents insist he bring her back, but the mystic says it could be dangerous and unsettling. They agree to it and the mystic revived Kausti. Or so he thought--Kausti was revived that night, but the Sun Goddess, angry for the mystic taking her powers and perverting them, she cursed Kausti to be the opposite of all that Aborigine stood for. She came back that night, undead--a vampire.
   Angry, bitter and resentful at Aborigine, for the curse they bestowed on her she decided to take revenge. With her new found powers, a new leader was born and she led her people to their deaths with no remorse for them. Knowing others would come to hunt and kill her, she hid and for centuries, she walked amongst us humans, learning the ways of 'civilized' society. When she was ready, it was easy to begin her clan.
   Today, the Kausti Clan is the dominant force in the computer and other technology hacking. With a wealth of rebellious and highly skilled teenagers all around the world, the Kausti Clan is the most informed Vampire Clan. Combined with their ability to Childmorph, the Kausti are dangerous manipulators, second only to the Lemouri Clan--whom hold the crown for manipulating.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Agemorph: An interesting and sometimes creepy ability, the members of the Kausti Clan are able to perform a limited morph ability--changing their appearance to that of a four year old up to a seventeen year old.  There is no duration, because the Kausti can maintain the morph for as long as they wish.  It only takes a single attack per melee to transform.
* Lesser Bloodlust: Simply put, Kausti members only need half the amount of blood than normal vampires do.
o  Adolescent: Although true vampires, Kausti are naturally a bit weaker, physically, than normal vampires, because the nature of their vampirism.  A person can only be turned into Kausti if they have not yet reached full maturity (usually 18 years old is actual full maturity).  Because of their nature, members of the Kausti Clan receive the following penalties & bonuses: -5 to P.S., -8 to P.E., -10 to Spd and -7 to M.A.-.  On the bright side, add +4 to P.B. and +3 to M.A.+.

Clan Kojikai

    Originally hailing from Japan, the Kojikai Clan are now widespread all around Asia and the Pacific Islands. Specializing in service such as theft, assassination and espionage, Kojikai members are experts, if not legends at stealth, subterfuge and reconnaissance. All the legends about ninjas being able to disappear or move at extraordinary speeds or seemingly never die are mostly due to the Kojikai. For centuries, they have trained the best Ronin to become Ninja. However, it's in mastery that their secrets lay. For only the best or most lethal were and are given the privilege to become immortal. To any of these brave men and women it is an honor to be regarded so high (most are killed before they become even a novice).
   Rich in tradition, but lost in history due to many wars, battles and attempts of eradication, the Kojikai do not pass on any data related to history. It is a rule always to be followed. Long ago, it was viciously learned that history can be as lethal as any sword, blade, power or weapon could ever be. For it was knowledge, in but a whisper, that nearly wiped out the entire ninja tradition. A single breathe of forbidden knowledge, during a secret Samurai Inquisition, nearing the end of the age of Feudal Japan, lead to a slaughter of an entire training camp and the raiding of several, if not scores of other training camps hidden throughout the Empire of Japan. From then on, it has been tradition never to reveal any secrets of the ninja, furthermore and most importantly, never to teach a ninja about their past. They have learned to make honor their utmost concern, even at the expense of a mission and it's in this that the Kojikai remain strong in structure and organization.
   Today the Kojikai Clan specialize in assassination, espionage of all types and reconnaissance. Whenever the Council needs a covert or black operation done, they call in the Kojikai Clan. Of all the clans, it is a given that without a doubt any Kojikai are the most loyal and trusted vampires to stalk the nights.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Superior Speed: As many would expect, Kojikai are, without a doubt, the fastest vampires ever.  Instead of rolling 5D6+10 for Speed, Kojikai Vampires roll 4D6+50!  Also, they get additional +15 to P.P. and two additional attacks per melee and add +6 to all initiative rolls.
* Supernatural Endurance: An interesting ability of Kojikai is that they never tire.  They can never get tired or exhausted at all.  This means they can perform physical activities for an unlimited amount of time.
* Mist Control: A strange ability that roots many ninja legends in it, the ability to summon and control mist.  With enough time, a Kojikai could bring upon mist to an entire village.  Kojikai can summon a 50-foot radius of mist instantly.  After 50 feet, 10 feet more can be summoned per minute.  Mist provides the following bonuses due to cover: +20% to Prowl, -4 to visually perceive all in the mist.  Only the vampire that created the mist can see right through the mist, as if it was not there--as a result, they are not subject to the -4 visual perception penalty.
o  Honor & Loyalty: Due the nature of the Kojikai Clan, should players want to play a Kojikai vampire, they have to select either Aberrant or Unprincipled as their alignment.  Furthermore, of all the vampire clans there has never been a 'Free Kojikai'.

Clan Lemouri

   The Lemouri Clan have existed a long time--their history even seems to predate the country in which they claim as their homeland: France. If this is true, Lemouri vampires would be the oldest clan to exist. However, even the Lemouri admit they do not know how far back the first Lemouri was unborn.
   Beside the before mentioned, most of the Lemouri do live in or around the country of France. Known for it's romanticism, in France, the Lemouri thrive due to the nature of unique aspects of power they wield. They frequent the party and club scene, living their undead lives as one big party scene. They have gone so far as to becoming the dominant businessmen in the party scene. If it is a big party, it is likely that a Lemouri vampire is involved in it's setup or execution somewhere along the line. Every year the Lemouri hold a huge party in the middle of Death Valley and all of the poor victims who attend that party become food for a very lot of Lemouri.
   Masters of seduction and manipulation, the Lemouri get what they want, when they want it. Lemouri vampires are, without a doubt the most beautiful vampires to unlive. Their true strength lies in their ability to seduce, manipulate, befriend, deceive and connive hapless victims into giving them what they want. Of all the clans, the Lemouri Clan has the most problems with betrayal and backstabbing within its ranks. The typical Lemouri mindset is 'unlive the good unlife, you are already dead'. This has lead to many a betrayal among its own members due to a dispute over petty things. When faced with the ultimatum of using the better part of discretion or having fun--most Lemouri choose to have fun.
   With their exceptional beauty and charisma and the ability to possess others, Lemouri continue their undead life in a constant state of fun. If not for the Council, the Lemouri Clan would not have survived this long, without being exposed and eradicated.
   In recent times, the Lemouri have shown signs of change and refining in their general persona. Many are turning from the life of the party to ruthless schemers. While this isn't an immediate problem for the Council, it is something the Council is keeping a good eye on. The Lemouri may be way in over their heads, with the people they are manipulating.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Exceptional Beauty: Lemouri vampires are legendary when it comes to physical attractiveness.  Many a Lemouri vampire are so beautiful, they put super models to shame.  Lemouri are such perfect beings to gaze upon that many have obsessed over them.  Add an additional +14 to P.B. attribute.  And they automatically start with the Seduction skill.
* Exceptional Charisma: Their beauty is only secondary when compared to their natural Charisma.  It seems that no matter who you are, you will love these vampires.  It is hard to not trust any Lemouri, they make hard arguments are generally very likeable individuals.  Add an additional +10 to both M.A. attributes.
* Mental Possession: Functions exactly like the psi-power, only Lemouri have no limit as to when and how long this power lasts.
o  Non-Psychic: The only drawback to being a Lemouri is that it means you possess no other psychic powers whatsoever!  While it may seem of no importance, many vampires rely on, at least, a few of their psi powers.

Clan Von Endar

   Clan Von Endar--if ever there is a clan of vampires that give in to the innate instinct and urges that plague the dark nation it would be Clan Von Endar. Hailing from Germany, Von Endar vampires are, so to speak, the 'Charles Manson's, 'Jeffery Dhamer's', 'Ted Bundy's' and the 'Jack the Ripper's' of vampires. The sickest of the sickest, the most twisted of the twisted, the most demented of the demented, among vampires. They not only love the taste of blood, the very smell of it is intoxicating to them. The innate instinct of humans as cattle is never so clear to any vampires, more so than the Von Endar vampire. Von Endar embody the very innate nature of the dark nation.
   Endowed with an intelligence unparalleled and a will stronger than any other vampire, these only compliment the deadliest of a Von Endar's ability--their very presence. Von Endar vampire's very stare can make even a Marine cry and beg for their life. The fact that they can morph into dark avian animals is a mere bonus. With their intelligence, will, their ability to morph and their very fear incarnate presence, Von Endar have all the right things to be the very rulers of the world. However, it is their very nature and innate instincts and urges that keep them from doing so. All that truly concerns Von Endar are satisfying their most basic vampire instincts and nature--killing and feeding. If not for their strong vampiric instincts and urges, Clan Von Endar would be at the top of the Council.
   The Council hardly ever has a problem with Clan Von Endar, simply because they can be content with living a very simple life as a blue collar worker, a farmer, or as anything so unsuspecting--in fact almost all of them prefer these lifestyles. If you think about it, the more unsuspecting the lifestyle the easier it is when a vampire has to feed. Coupled with a Von Endar's, beyond any supernatural creature's superior intelligence, Von Endar tend to be extremely methodical, meticulous and perfectly precise in any killing and feeding they engage in. And it is for this reason that the Council hardly ever has a problem with Clan Von Endar.
   A Von Endar's superior intelligence is almost the sole reason why the Council needs them as part of the Conciliu Lamiam. A Von Endar's advice and counsel is priceless. Now a days, Von Endar are called upon when even the most ancient of vampires seem at a loss. And Von Endar always seem to have an answer.
   In recent times, Von Endar have begun to migrate all around the world, finding new places to call their hunting grounds. New terrors and serial killers have begun to spring up everywhere. In a day in age when information is readily available at but a touch of a keyboard stroke, the Von Endar, whom abuse their superior intelligence, use it terrify new prey around the world. Worse, in light of new migration, Von Endar familiars have followed suit, creating a legacy of sick, twisted, sadistic, demented killers this world over.

Clan Abilities & Weaknesses:

* Superior Intelligence: Simply put--add 10 points to I.Q.
* Superior Will: Like Superior Intelligence, except add +10 to M.E.
* Fear Factor: The mere presence of Von Endar vampires is usually enough to scare the hell out of anyone.  The very aura of a Von Endar floods the immediate area.  When they speak, people listen, when they glare, people stop and when they move, people get out of their way.  An utterly overwhelming aura of fear soaks their unlife.
   Add a bonus of +8 to their Horror Factor and instead of gaining +1 to Horror Factor at levels 5, 10 and 15, they only gain +1 at seventh level.  Worse, when failing a save vs. Horror Factor against a Von Endar, the Sanity Save automatically fails as well! Furthermore, at
level 14, a Von Endars completely loose Horror Factor--instead the poor victim goes straight to a Sanity Save (3/2D4+2)!  Even worse, Von Endar can control their aura by level 5 and appear to have no horror factor at all!
* Dark Avian Morph: Very simply put, Von Endar can morph into crows, bats, ravens and any other 'dark' or 'black' bird out there.  They lose no abilities in these forms, except speech and an opposable thumb.  Morphing can be done at will, no restrictions at all apply and for the purposes of combat, the transformation is only about a melee attack long.
o  Weak: Everything powerful has at least one downfall (except Alverna).  For the Von Endar, it is the fact that they are physically weak.  When creating the Von Endar, they only get a bonus of +5 to their P.S. attribute!  Coupled with the fact that they do not have Supernatural Strength, this makes them physically, the weakest of all vampires!